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  • Don Incognito - don't start with this if you're new to the entire field of coding

    I do not recommend this book for those who know nothing of coding and are just starting to learn. The book explains the upcoming new medical coding system ICD-10 without explaining ICD-9. It obviously assumes the reader already has a certain level of knowledge.


    I never write reviews but felt like I had to add to already long list of disappointed users. I've been using this product for a about a month now and my skin is getting dryer and dryer. I've always had oily skin that I hated until now. After using this product my skin is dryer than ever, there is no moisture at all and on top of that its blotchy, irritated and pealing. I refused to give up right away thinking the reaction to the creams was temporary so I continued to use them. Some days the burning sensation post application is stronger than others. My face looks and feels good and moisturized immediately after the application however this feeling does not last long. Few hours later the dryness comes back - I just put cocoa butter (which is very greasy) on my face to tame the itchy feeling and my skin absorbed it in seconds. I miss my oily imperfect complexion. VERY DISAPPOINTED...

  • James S. Hussey - Great Ghostbusters feel

    Fun story. Very enjoyable felt like an extension of the movies. Great read while on spring break. Loved it. :)

  • pegeen - roger waters

    Time is a wonderous thing. So many changes and then something comes along that doesn't need to change to evolve and the artist allows it. I find this to be more relevant than not. Thank you. I apprecite the brilliance of roger waters.

  • Scoboco - Will I know how to operate it?

    This looks fantastic! But that last bullet point gives me pause: without packaging or a product information card, might it be too tricky for novices to just "give it whirl"? I worry. Has anyone seen info about classes (etc.) on how to operate?