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Abbotts Way Veterinary Clinic | Vets Auckland - Abbotts Way Veterinary Clinic in Remuera Auckland is for all pets, including cats, dogs, rabbits and other pets. We are located on the Remuera/Ellerslie border.

  • http://www.abbottswayvet.co.nz/about/ Abbotts Way Vet Clinic Auckland | Abbotts Way - Abbotts Way Vet Clinic Auckland is an experienced and dedicated veterinarian services in Auckland to keep your best friend healthy and happy. Come to us or give
  • http://www.abbottswayvet.co.nz/about/meet-the-vets/ Abbotts Way Experienced Vets | Kohimarama | Abbotts Way - Abbotts Way Vet Auckland - Experienced and dedicated veterinarians servicing Remuera, Kohimarama, Ellereslie
  • http://www.abbottswayvet.co.nz/pet-registration/ Vet Clinic Auckland - Pet Registration | Abbotts Way - To get the best pet care services, we recommend you to register your pet for health tracking record and special treatments.
  • http://www.abbottswayvet.co.nz/services/ Abbotts Way Vets Auckland - Number One Pet Care Services. | Abbotts Way - Abbotts Way Vet is one of the best veterinary services in Auckland, specialising in surgery, medical and dental for all kind of pets.
  • http://www.abbottswayvet.co.nz/services/anaesthesia/ Abbotts Way Veterinary Auckland - Animals Anaesthesia | Abbotts Way - Abbotts Way Veterinary Auckland provides the safest anesthesia process for pet treatments. Read more for FAQs about pet in anesthetic event.
  • http://www.abbottswayvet.co.nz/services/anaesthesia/anaesthetic-testing/ Abbotts Way Vet Clinic Auckland - Preanaesthesia Testing | Abbotts Way - At Abbotts Way Vet Clinic Auckland, your pet always has a physical and medical health pretesting to decide the most appropriate anesthesia method.
  • http://www.abbottswayvet.co.nz/services/pet-dentistry/ Vets Auckland - Pet Dentistry | Abbotts Way - Do you know how how important good oral health is to the general well-being of your pet? Get limited offer of FREE dental assessment with qualified nurses.
  • http://www.abbottswayvet.co.nz/services/dietary-advice/ Abbotts Way Vet Auckland - Pet Dietary Advice | Abbotts Way - After going through a thoroughly health assessment, veterinarian will advice your pet a proper dietary plan to improve health condition. Read more to understand
  • http://www.abbottswayvet.co.nz/services/flea-and-worm-control/ Veterinarian Auckland - Flea and Worm Control | Abbotts Way - Pets are very easy to get flea with the humid weather in Auckland. Abbotts Way will advise you appropriate product for your pet to get rid of flea and worm.
  • http://www.abbottswayvet.co.nz/services/medical-and-diagnostic-service/ Vet Clinic Auckland - Medical and Diagnostic Service | Abbotts Way - Vet Clinic Auckland provides a comprehensive, high quality medical and diagnostic service with modern equipment. Providing accurate results in short time.
  • http://www.abbottswayvet.co.nz/services/microchipping/ Vet Auckland - Microchipping | Abbotts Way - With modern technology, Vet Auckland can place a microchip under your pets skin for tracking info in case your pet get injured or found by pet lost services.
  • http://www.abbottswayvet.co.nz/services/neutering/ Veterrinarian Auckland - Neutering | Abbotts Way - Abbotts Way Veterinarian Auckland has many years experiences in neutering male animals in order to improve its prostate health. Click to get more information.
  • http://www.abbottswayvet.co.nz/clinic-tour/ Veterinary Auckland hospital facilities | Abbotts Way - Abbotts Way Veterinary Auckland hospital has separate cat and dog treatment rooms with modern facilities and equipments to provide fast services and accurate
  • http://www.abbottswayvet.co.nz/articles/ Abbotts Way Vet Auckland News & Events | Abbotts Way - Abbotts Way always update news and events in Auckland regarding pet care and health. Subscribe your email to make sure you won't miss any useful info from us.
  • http://www.abbottswayvet.co.nz/contact/ Vet Clinic Auckland Booking - Contact - Enquiries | Abbotts Way - Contact Abbotts Way Vet Clinic Auckland for booking an appointment or any enquiries about our services.
  • http://www.abbottswayvet.co.nz/feedback/ Abbotts Way Vet Customer Feedback | Abbotts Way - Please help us to improve our clinic and services we provide by sharing your opinions and experiences
  • http://www.abbottswayvet.co.nz/cats-and-dogs-treatment/ Abbotts Way Veterinarian Auckland - Flea and Worm Treatment Offer | Abbotts Way - Abbotts Way Veterinarian Auckland offers FREE flea and worm treatment for all visitors register online with us. Visit website or contact us for more info

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    Both my wife and I developed a rash while taking the 24 day challenge. Contacted advocare and was told we should have consulted with a doctor before taking any of their products to make sure they are safe for you. While listening to their hold music it was clear this company is only about making money and not focused on customers wellbeing.

  • Ballard M Burgher - Five Stars

    Terrific pre-season guide for the high-information Longhorn fan. Thorough, insightful and often witty.

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    We love this product and wish it were sold in the US. Our home is never without it for all sinus, flu issues. It will clear out all mucous and has zero side effects. It is effective and oh so helpful when the persistent sinus infections won't go away!!!

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    It is kind of like Rome (he never used that name) meets Lord of the Rings. There are Elves, Dwarves and a quest. I enjoyed the book, but if someone told me what it was about I'm not sure I would have read it. Give it a try.

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    My kids love these! They are also quite a bit less expensive than what they cost at my local grocery store (small town). They are perfect for a grab-n-go treat. I add them to sack lunches or offer them as an after school treat. The small bags are a good size for portion control.

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    I helped my daughter "go all the way" with bleaching her hair from medium brown to light yellow-blonde before applying the Lusty Lavender color. Bleach process went well and was quick. Putting the lavender color on was WORK - because if you get this on your skin you'll have dark purple skin for weeks. It took over 30 minutes to put the color on her (very short) bleached hair, then we left it for an additional 30-40 mins. When she rinsed it out it was Pink - not purple - and definitely not the deep, dark purple as represented on the box. It also didn't adhere to all of her hair, and over the past two weeks has become lighter and lighter with lots of yellow-blonde showing. SUPER DISAPPOINTED. (Note: she did not wash her hair for 3 days after the coloring process and has been skipping wash days as well.) Would NOT buy again. I guess this is a simple "you get what you pay for."

  • D. Gulbransen - Gets the job done, adjustable voltage output

    Seems to work just fine and does its job. I'm using it with an Amcrest PTZ 1080p indoor camera, running POE to it through the attic. The power connector is a bit loose in the camera, that's why I'm taking away a star. Made by the same company, I'd expect it to fit perfectly.