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  • Donnie Gladfelter - My choice AutoCAD Civil 3D curriculum.

    As an employee of an Autodesk Authorized Training Center, I've used many curriculums over the years to provide AutoCAD Civil 3D training. The depth of Civil 3D presents many curriculum development challenges; finding a way to introduce topics in a way readers will not just learn to use individual tools/commands, but also learn how they tie into the workflows necessary to use Civil 3D effectively.

  • Drew Smith - Very Happy Gamer

    I love Razer's dedication to the gaming community, but I have always shied away from they're keyboards. For years they were glossy plastic pieces that just feel like quality craftsmanship that I could beat in and enjoy during demanding gaming sessions. When I saw the new chroma, I had to have one, so I sold a kidney and snagged it up. My God am I glad I did. I don't need 15 macro keys and a gigantic footprint on my desk, and Razer answered the call. The Blackwidow Chroma has 5 macro keys (perfect for a Blade & Soul player like myself), RGB lighting, Razer's green switches, and a usb and audio pass through. And the best part? That's it. No extra junk to enlarge the physical size of the sturdy, handsome design that seamlessly blends with any desktop setup. The Synapse control of the lighting is superb as well as macro setup. With all of this I was thrilled to login to my B&S account and wreak havoc on the Ceruleans, but looks and behold as I fired up the game, all my key lights shut off. But then something magic happened. My wasd keys lit red, my attack keys lit up different colors according to the attack type, and as I completed missions, leveled, and interacted with npc's, the keyboard changed colors with cooldowns, unavailable keystrokes blacked out, and interaction keys during combos lit up and disappeared with the order to be pressed. Holy hell batman Razer has blown me away. I thought I was happy with my old Orbweaver, but now I need to purchase the newest version. The keyboard is proof Razer's not joking around anymore. The green switches have an incredibly short throw to be recognized as clicked without bottoming out. They're a little stiff, which may be something for someone else to complain about, but to me it is the perfect balance of force and reaction time. Razer I am impressed, very impressed. Bravo.

  • juano - Warm and plush

    This pullover offers warmth and plush comfort unmatched by any other pullover I've tried on or owned. It's my favorite layer for getting up on a winter morning and hanging out around the house and yet looks more than good enough to wear out. Think after ski or going out on a winter night. When first trying on it seemed a tad large, but after laundering it fits really well. I love this thing.

  • Ian Y. - Pretty good bang for your buck, but...

    I don't know if it's the intended design, but the base doesn't fit snugly (it doesn't "click") on to the neck of the monitor, for both of the 2 monitors that I bought for my desktop PC. Also, the height of the monitor seems a bit short so I might have to get a monitor stand(s).