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Adonisfarm - Adonisfarm este o farmacie online ce comercializeaza aparatura medicala, medicamente, sanitare, spulimente nutritive, terapii naturiste, produse pentru cuplu si sex, dieta si slabire, frumusete, mama si copilul

  • http://www.adonisfarm.ro/eurovita-concentrat-de-omega-3-1150red-p-7582 EUROVITA-Concentrat de Omega 3 1+1*50%RED. - Preț: 44,00 Lei Colesterol COMPOZIŢIE Ingrediente: concentrat mixt de ulei de somon 18/12 1300 mg; gelatină; agent umectant – glicerină; vita­mina E 15 mg din 23 mg all-r
  • http://www.adonisfarm.ro/avene-apa-termala-300-ml-p-7450 Avene Apa termala 300 ml - Preț: 45,00 Lei Tratamente ten Avand proprietati calmante, anti-iritante si anti-inflamatorii, Apa Termala Avene de la Laboratoarele Pierre Fabre este recomandata pentru toate
  • http://www.adonisfarm.ro/prov-pills-x-4-cps-p-6936 ProV Pills x 4 cps - Preț: 62,00 Lei Stimulente Odata cu inaintarea in varsta, barbatii se confrunta cu problema scaderii poftei sexuale, insa ceea ce nu stiu ei este faptul ca acesta este un proce
  • http://www.adonisfarm.ro/korill-30cps-sanience-p-9326 Korill 30cps Sanience - Preț: 51,00 Lei Colesterol Krill-ul (Euphausia superba) este o specie de crustacee cu răspândire în cel mai curat ocean al planetei – Oceanul Antarctic. Creveţii polari s
  • http://www.adonisfarm.ro/sanience-m-389 Sanience - Sanience Korill 30cps Sanience AVACOR*30CPS. MOI Ozzy Smart Kids 30 jeleuri Ozzy IQ teens 30 jeleuri Urobiotic forte x 10pl Urobiotic x 20 cps
  • http://www.adonisfarm.ro/hemoroeasy-60cpr-glenmark-p-9327 Hemoroeasy 60cpr Glenmark - Preț: 45,00 Lei Aparatul circulator Benefic in reducerea riscului de aparitie a hemoroizilor. Compozitie per comprimat: Diosmina - 450 mg Hesperidina - 50 mg Doze: Impotriva si
  • http://www.adonisfarm.ro/glenmark-m-318 Glenmark - Glenmark Hemoroeasy 60cpr Glenmark Glenmark VariStop 30 comprimate filmate Glenmark Omega-3 Max 1000mg 60 capsule
  • http://www.adonisfarm.ro/zinkit-10mg-20-tablete-efervescente-p-7339 Zinkit 10mg* 20 tablete efervescente - Preț: 25,00 Lei Multivitamine Indicatii: Este recomandat pentru suplimentarea cu zinc , care nu poate fi corectataprin aport alimentar. Compozitie: tableta efervescenta contine
  • http://www.adonisfarm.ro/worwag-pharma-m-271 WORWAG PHARMA - WORWAG PHARMA Magnerot 500 mg x 50 comprimate Zinkit 10mg* 20 tablete efervescente Magnerot 500mg x100cpr
  • http://www.adonisfarm.ro/artroflex-compus-90cpr-p-8738 ARTROFLEX COMPUS *90CPR - Preț: 68,00 Lei Articulatii Artroflex Compus  90  comprimate Prezentare  :  cutie  cu  90  cp  ( 9 blistere  a  cate  10  comprimate  ) Compozitie / cp   : 375 
  • http://www.adonisfarm.ro/terapia-m-52 Terapia - Terapia Aspenter 75 mg Terapia Furazolidon Terapia 100mg Faringosept L 10mg Aspacardin Imodium Faringosept 10mg Paduden 200 mg Magnestres + B6 LineaSante fosfolipide esentiale 30 c
  • http://www.adonisfarm.ro/beres-magneziu-b6-x-50-comprimate-p-9386 Beres Magneziu + B6 x 50 comprimate - Preț: 34,00 Lei Vitamine si minerale  Prezentare  : cutia  contine  50 comprimate filmate. Supliment nutritiv. Asigura aportul adecvate de magneziu care-conform datelor din
  • http://www.adonisfarm.ro/weleda-balsam-regenerant-cu-ovaz-200ml-p-9385 Weleda balsam regenerant cu ovaz 200ml - Preț: 54,10 Lei Ingrijire par Indicatii: Par uscat sau deteriorat – pentru elasticitate/ vigoare si stralucire. O compozitie speciala de ingrediente vegetale pretioase neteze
  • http://www.adonisfarm.ro/weleda-m-473 Weleda - Weleda Weleda balsam regenerant cu ovaz 200ml Weleda Sampon antimatreata cu grau 190ml Weleda Sampon de ingrijire cu mei 190ml Weleda Sampon regenerant cu ovaz 190ml Weleda deodora
  • http://www.adonisfarm.ro/weleda-sampon-antimatreata-cu-grau-190ml-p-9377 Weleda Sampon antimatreata cu grau 190ml - Preț: 50,66 Lei Ingrijire par Indicatii: Impotriva matretii – pentru un scalp sanatos Samponul anti matreata cu ulei de germeni de grau cu efect echilibrant si extracte preti
  • http://www.adonisfarm.ro/weleda-sampon-de-ingrijire-cu-mei-190ml-p-9376 Weleda Sampon de ingrijire cu mei 190ml - Preț: 50,66 Lei Ingrijire par Indicatii: Par normal – spalare delicata si stralucire Samponul de ingrijire pentru par normal cu extracte de mei/ ulei de macadamia bio si salv

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  • Music Lover in Omaha - This is the only theory that makes sense

    So then Cliff De Young explains why the rotation of the Earth is slowing down. Actually he explains why it might be slowing down. Apparently they couldn't measure it in any way so none of our crack scientists know for sure even though they have it timed down to the moment when it will stop. Then he makes the statement that this is the only theory that makes sense. I had to go back and replay his explanation of the black hole causing the Earth's rotation to slow and it still made absolutely no sense at all. None. Okay, we're beyond that, let's discuss acting. Well, there wasn't much in this film to discuss. It was horrible. Special effects? Oh man!!! Other reviewers mentioned the hail storm where basball size hail was falling all over and the guy was actually swerving the car to miss them as they fell. That's some sweet driving. Unfortunately not sweet enough though, for out of these giant pieces of hail, one, about an inch wide it appears from the damage to the windshield does find its mark, and hits the glass, then rips a hole in the driver's chest that looks like the creature from Alien just came out of him. Some lucky cast members were "raptured" prior to the great disaster. Why wasn't the missionary raptured? She was the most God fearing person in the film, totally devoted and faithful, yet she was left behind. Maybe it was to help fulfill the prophecy, but really... That wasn't right. Ultimately, the moment comes when all light is extinguished on Earth, then the girl gives birth and the light comes back out. Okay, we lost the West Coast, but other than that, Earth came out of this disaster pretty good. Well, they did use the last 24 hours to completely evacuate the entire West coast. Yeah, right. Well, on the good side, Amy Dolenz was nice to look at. The bottom line here is that this film will leave you wondering: If there really is a God, would he allow mankind to make movies this bad?

  • Diana L. Lindengrass - Beautiful crystal ornament!

    We collect these beautiful ornaments, so getting them at a good discount is a plus. As beautiful as every year!