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Geologist Los Angeles, CA | Applied Earth Sciences - Celebrating over 30 years of engineering excellence, Applied Earth Sciences is a geological engineering firm in Los Angeles and Glendale, California.

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  • http://www.aessoil.com/services/geotechnical-engineering/ Geotechnical Engineer Los Angeles | Applied Earth Sciences - We provide geotechnical engineering concentrating on foundation design recommendations, soil testing, deputy grading inspection, geosynthetics and grading.
  • http://www.aessoil.com/services/engineering-geology/ Los Angeles Geological Engineer | Applied Earth Sciences - We provide geological engineering services such as landslide investigation, geology reports, earthquake fault studies and assessment of seismic hazards.
  • http://www.aessoil.com/services/methane-and-soil-gas/ Methane Testing & Soil Gas | Applied Earth Sciences - We provide soil gas investigation & methane testing in Los Angeles, CA. Contact us today to speak to a geologist for more information about the process.
  • http://www.aessoil.com/services/groundwater-testing-and-monitoring/ Groundwater Testing & Monitoring | Applied Earth Sciences - We provide well installation & groundwater monitoring services. We also perform water quality testing in Los Angeles for groundwater & ecological habitat areas.
  • http://www.aessoil.com/services/onsite-wastewater-treatment-systems/ Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems | Applied Earth Sciences - Included in onsite wastewater treatment systems: Geologic Feasibility Reports, Percolation Soil Test and Septic System Designs and Recommendations.
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  • gwade426 - An overall good sleeve!

    I have experience with knee wraps from my days of competing in powerlifting but this was my first experience with knee sleeves. I currently focus my training on Olympic lifting and have been using a program similar to the Bulgarian method which has me doing some variation of a squat around 5 days a week. I purchased these sleeves hoping the would keep my knees warm and offer protective support. Here's what I thought after my initial sessions using these.

  • John - I still like to keep a hard copy record of transactions and ...

    I still like to keep a hard copy record of transactions and since most dealings are done electronically the one register that comes with checks is not nearly enough. These are same quality as those from check printers at a great price.

  • JimF - taller and wider

    This seat fit 2004 DL650 perfectly. Raised the height about an inch or so, I would have liked the tall seat that adds 2", but couldn't find it. This seat is much more comfortable than the stock. It has more of a wider flatter area to sit on, which results in pushing your legs outward at stops. It also keeps you from sliding back as much as the stock as there is a more distinctive separation with the pillion position. In all great for the price

  • Monica - Great for sinus infections and bronchitis

    I've gotten this several times when in Germany. Wish it was more readily available in the US. Great product that clears up the phlegmy cough quickly without all the side effects of many other meds. Definitely worth the price. And like many other German products it's homepathic-like made up of eucalyptus and other natural ingredients.

  • Michael Ratto - Absolute Home Run

    I have been thinking of buying this product for a while and finally took the plunge. I was looking for something to be able to create a virtual replica of my house to use for design ideas for renovations. Originally, I just wanted to maybe import picture but I soon learned that the software could do so much more with so much detail.

  • Amazon Customer - Worked for 2 months, but not anymore

    The product worked really well for two months, and suddenly it just stopped for no reason. Has this happened to others?

  • A. Tran - Not worth the time spent using it and buying it

    I purchased this product last week based on a raving review on how well it cleaned tiles as well as the use for wood floors. Yes this was an Amazon review I read and is one of the highly rated ones here. The reviewer did say if you don't like it return it, and that is what I am going to do.