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Private MRI Scans In Vancouver - Premier Clinic For Patients, AIM - Vancouver MRI Clinic AIM was founded in 2009 with unique hardware and software designed to perform whole body MRI.

  • https://www.aimmedicalimaging.com/contact-us/ Contact AiM - 1371 West Broadway Vancouver 604-733-4007 - 1371 West Broadway Vancouver, 604.733.4007. Easy access to parking off West 8th Avenue. M-F – 8 am to 6 pm weekdays Evenings & weekends by appointment
  • https://www.aimmedicalimaging.com/aim-difference/ AiM Medical Imaging - Experience The Difference, MRI Scans - At AIM we are dedicated to being the premier choice for patients, physicians and government bodies needing our help. Book your appointment today.
  • https://www.aimmedicalimaging.com/patients/ MRI Scan Process - What AiM Medical Imaging Patients Can Expect - AIM Medical Imaging is dedicated to quality standard of patient care, respecting a patient’s right to privacy & confidentiality in a relaxing environment
  • https://www.aimmedicalimaging.com/physicians/ Physicians - Getting an MRI scan without the wait, AiM Medical Imaging - AIM Medical Imaging is a patient centered diagnostic facility that is focused on quality care and your patients well being.
  • https://www.aimmedicalimaging.com/full-body-mri/ Full Body MRI Imaging - Get a private MRI scan at AiM Medical Imaging - Our full body MRI machine, unlike other MRI machines, produces images comparable to a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scanner, without the radiation.
  • https://www.aimmedicalimaging.com/testimonials/ AiM Medical Imaging Testimonials - Private MRI Scans In Vancouver - Take a look at what our patients are saying about AiM Medical. We are dedicated to quality care & bringing appreciation into all levels of our facility.
  • https://www.aimmedicalimaging.com/techniques/ Research & Techniques - CCSVI & Routine MRI Scans, AiM Medical - At AIM our goal is to maximize detail that MRI can obtain by having thin slices. We use the latest technology alongside our experienced radiologist.
  • https://www.aimmedicalimaging.com/photo-gallery/ MRI photo gallery - Actual patient MRI imaging examples - All photos shown are actual patients of AIM Medical Imaging, obtained with personal consent.
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  • Lulu - Great car seat over all.

    Overall, love this car seat! Looks very luxury. Beautiful pink color! I didn't encounter any problem with the harness and buckle. I am a tiny mom and I think it is easy to unbuckle. My girl is 11 mo now and I make the seat rare facing - fits my midsize suv. Only cons: baby has very limited view because of the protection pillow on both sides. But it is for her protection..

  • Debrina Maria - Glued to my couch watching these stories. Love, love, love them.

    I had some very spooky, ghost experience back when I lived in an old house that use to belong to my Great Grandmother. My brother and sister in law lived in the front and I lived in an apt. built on to the back. Strange things happened and never could be explained. Paranormal things that went on for many years until the house burn to the ground. So, I can relate to these paranormal experiences.

  • Brian C. - So Much Easier To Use

    My son took a course last trimester in High School on Home Design and got into it big time. He was always excited to show us and his relatives his latest house plans he had drawn. He even drew his Uncle's Cabin from memory and gave him a copy of the plans. This last Christmas We bought him a program for his laptop in hopes that he would spend more time doing something constructive instead of playing HALO all the time. The High School had been using the top of the line version of Home Designer but I bought the HGTV version for him for Christmas. It was not very user friendly, hard to use and had an instruction manual about 300 pages thick. We got a refund. Ordered the Hime Designer Suite here on Amazon and now I'm even getting into this! Very easy to use and a lot of fun! Highly recommend it.

  • James M. - This is a great low-end utility tablet

    This is a great low-end utility tablet. The screen doesn't have the pixel density of an iPad or high-end IPS display android tablet, but it does look good for playing games, watching youtube videos, web browsing, etc. The battery life is average, usually lasting about 3-4 hours of constant use. Charging is painfully slow due to its lack of quick charging, but what do you expect at this price point?

  • A. Carey - Hated Using It But It Was Invaluable To Getting Around Post-Surgery

    I tore my Achilles Tendon and finally consented to have the surgery. What follows is six weeks of complete non-weight bearing hell.

  • Andrea Szabo - WARNING!!! Don't use!!!!

    TERRIBLE!!!!!! Seriously. The product made my acne worse, customer service sucked when I called to see what I should do, and when I canceled they continued to charge me and just terrible seriously. NO PROACTIV!!!!!!! I have aserious hate for them after what their product did to my face (I USED CORRECTLY), AND THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TERRRRRRRIBLE!!! OMG. Worse than any cable company you can imagine. Their "system" always makes billing mistakes. lol. Pathetic. Go to a dermatologist. It will save you time, money, and extra stress, and it will ACTUALLY WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!