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Colloidal Silver,Colloidal Gold, colloidal Copper, Zinc, protection against illness and disease, fast healing. Enhanced skin care and beauty solutions, - 40 yrs making & pioneering effective organic Ultrafine Colloidals that Repair, Renew, Restore, Revitalize natural organic health, protection against illness and disease, fast healing, beauty, body and mind,. .

  • http://www.alchemistsshop.com/colloidal-silver-for-pets---fish---plants--specially-formulated-petslife-for-all-mammals--aqualife-9-c.asp Colloidal Silver for Pets - Fish - Plants + Specially Formulated PetsLife for all mammals + AquaLife - PetsLife tm specially formulated colloidal silver and combination colloidal treatments for all mammals incl Dogs horses cats etc Strengthens defends against illness and disease. 100% Natural and Organic. No adverse side effects
  • http://www.alchemistsshop.com/100-pure-colloidals---silver-gold-copper-zinc---all-organic-ultrafine-quality----no-additives-1-c.asp 100% PURE COLLOIDALS Silver, Gold, Copper, Zinc - Organic Ultrafine Quality - NO ADDITIVES - Colloidal SILVER 12ppm-500ppm eradicates germs viruses bacteria allergens and pathogens Boosts body s immune system accelerates healing, Colloidal Gold heals stress, nerves, and heart rhythm; Copper for blood cleansing, arteries and brain synaps
  • http://www.alchemistsshop.com/alcheme-beauty-and-skin-care-made-from-colloidal-gold-silver-and-copper-essential-oils-and-more-10-c.asp ALCHEME Beauty and Skin Care made from Colloidal Gold, Silver and Copper, Essential Oils and more.. - Where Nature and ancient knowledge come together to create the most effective natural beauty therapy made of two or more ultrafine colloidal gold, silver,copper and/or zinc. 100% Natural and Organic. No pahrmaceutical additives.
  • http://www.alchemistsshop.com/special-offers-colloidal-gold-colloidal-silver--colloidal-copper-packages-2-c.asp SPECIAL OFFERS Colloidal Gold, Colloidal Silver & Colloidal Copper packages. *Savings 30% - 50% - Save on the highest quality and most effective ultrafine quality colloidal silver colloidal gold colloidal copper and colloidal zinc Special Offers
  • http://www.alchemistsshop.com/exciting-new-breakthrough-latest-products-16-c.asp EXCITING NEW BREAKTHROUGH LATEST PRODUCTS - NEW Advanced Colloidal Silver with a touch of colloidal Gold as a trigger and accelerator New Combination 100 all Ultrafine Colloidal Formula to
  • http://www.alchemistsshop.com/october-limited-time-period---til-15th-only---2016-53-c.asp OCTOBER (limited time period - til 15th) ONLY - 2016 - ONLY 100 PUREST MICROSCOPIC NANO QUALITY CHARGED PARTICLES OF PRECIOUS MINERALS SUSPENDED IN THREE TIMES PURE MEDICAL QUALITY STEAM DISTILLED PUREST
  • http://www.alchemistsshop.com/treat-your-own-ailments--100-colloidal-formulated-combinations-silver-gold-copper-zinc---fr-24-8-c.asp Treat Your OWN Ailments 100% colloidal formulated combinations silver, gold, copper, zinc - fr. $24 - Unique proprietary colloidal formulas made of colloidal gold silver copper and zinc in combination of two or more pure colloidals for specific
  • http://www.alchemistsshop.com/petslife---100mlaprx4ozs--organic-colloidal-formula-for-dogs-cats-horses-birds---mammals-only-193-p.asp PetsLife - 100ml.aprx.4ozs Organic Colloidal Formula for Dogs Cats Horses Birds - MAMMALS ONLY - PL4 100ml PetsLife tm Colloidal Formula Mammals lrg 100ml aprx 4ozs Ultrafine colloidals silver gold and copper formulated specially for
  • http://www.alchemistsshop.com/aqualife-tm-100ml-aprx4ozs-most-popular-and-usable-size-for-fish--amphibians--exotic-reptiles-192-p.asp AquaLife tm. 100ml. aprx.4ozs Most Popular and usable size. For FISH Amphibians Exotic reptiles - AquaLifetm Colloidal Formula for FISH AMPHIBIANS lrge100ml Colloidals specially formulated for fish amphibians and reptiles Ideal for aquariums
  • http://www.alchemistsshop.com/only-silver-pure-best-999-silver-ultrafine-quality---three--different-types--strengths-27-c.asp **ONLY COLLOIDAL SILVER** PURE BEST .999 Silver Ultrafine Quality - Three different qualities & strengths. - Great selection of the best three utrafine Colloidal SIlver available anywhere - Different strengths from our regular Ultrafine Silver 12-14ppm - Super 400-485ppm and Crucible Super Silver 500ppm+
  • http://www.alchemistsshop.com/-only-copper--purest-ultrafine-quality---5-different-types-and-strengths-50-c.asp ** ONLY COLLOIDAL COPPER *** PUREST ULTRAFINE QUALITY - 5 different qualities and strengths for cleansing blood, arteries and veins; speeds brain synapse - COLLOIDAL COPPER all ultrafine best quality 11-13ppm; Coppernicus Super Copper 200-235ppm and Coppernicus Copper Supreme 450-485ppm: Ultrafine copper improves circulation, collagen production, bone strength, cartilage
  • http://www.alchemistsshop.com/-only-gold---purest-colloidal-6-different-types-and-strengths-49-c.asp ** ONLY COLLOIDAL GOLD ** Purest Colloidal 6 Different qualities and strengths incl. Regular Ultrafine Gold 12ppm, and ground breaking Ruby-Red Gold 25ppm, 50ppm 75ppm and 100ppm; arteries blood cleanser - GOLD regular ultrafine 12 ppm also Ruby Red Gold 12 5ppm - 25ppm - 50ppm - 100ppm; pure Colloidal Gold calms the whole neural system. relieves stress, helps maintain heart's natural rhythm, calms headache stress and helps calm brain overdrive, and with copper can remedy arthritis, Parkinsons disease,
  • http://www.alchemistsshop.com/-colloidal-creams--made-of-gold--silver---copper--zinc-andor-pure-esential-oils-and-seaweed-51-c.asp ** COLLOIDAL CREAMS ** made of colloidal gold -silver - copper -zinc and/or pure esential oils and seaweed - Creams that will get down to the deep tissue, root and cause of the problem; collagen booster, 100% Organic and Naural. No pharmaceutical chemicals. Total skin control and healing.
  • http://www.alchemistsshop.com/self-help-solutions----teethgums-mouth-ulcers--fungus---skin-and-nails--skin-irregularities-more-47-c.asp NATURAL SELF-HELP SOLUTIONS - Teeth+Gums, mouth ulcers; Fungus - Skin and Nails Skin Irregularities +more - Tree of Self Knowledge LATEST NATURAL ORGAIC SELF-HELP COLLOIDAL FORMULATED SOLUTIONS; NO pharmaceuticals, 100% Organic and Natural. Boosts own immune system and speeds healing, plus defends against infection.
  • http://www.alchemistsshop.com/rubyred-colloidal-gold-made-in-four-strengths-from-12---100ppm---most-advanced-gold-for-body--mind-30-c.asp Ruby~Red Colloidal GOLD made in four strengths from 12 - 100ppm - Most advanced Gold for Body + Mind - Great natural stress reliever, for all nerve and neurosystem pains, helps regulate and maintain heart's regular pumping rhythm.

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  • ME!! - I'm loving it so much!

    I'm a newbie when it comes to albums but I love this record player has high volume and plays the scratch up albums I been buying from the thrift store.

  • janet - this product has really helped me tremendously as i was ...

    this product has really helped me tremendously as i was experiencing severe back and hip pains from a fall I received in October,2013 and they have finally eased up

  • Amazon Customer - Great Read

    Another great Virgil Flowers novel. I particularly liked the animal character plot line. Another home run for John Sandford. Please never stop writing.

  • anonymous - Overall, a good product

    I ordered the set of three 6 oz. pump bottles for fine, medium hair. I have short, fine, color-processed hair, and these should last me awhile, as I don't need to use as much as someone with long, thick hair.

  • T. Hodgson - Amazing

    I didn't order Slim and Sassy from Amazon but ordered it here - because I heard a friend had lost 2 inches in her waist with it after doing a wrap with it over 2 nights. Since I needed to get into a slim fitting dress for a wedding I figured I had nothing to loose. I did 3 nights in a row with S&S and the 4th evening I did a sauna with it and lost a total of 4!! inches. My dress not only fit but it felt a little loose! I am thrilled and now take it daily. I do have to fill a capsule though. Like other reviewers it's a bit strong for me too but don't give up on it entirely because of the flavor.

  • Bev Halliday - i received my order the next day, i have ...

    i received my order the next day,i have tried it and it kind of makes me feel less hungry but no energy and does not last long and that is with taking 2 at once.I guess we all have different body types

  • Deborah Yates Bunnell - My dentist is happy!

    My gums have Improved dramatically since I started using this product. A few of my medicines cause dry mouth, so this decrease that problem plus helps keep the gums health! Highly recommend for diabetics.