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  • http://www.allsaintsclinic.org/getting-started.shtml Testosterone Gel, Cialis, Levitra, Caverject, Uprima - All Saints Clinic, Cyprus - Testosterone Gel Cialis Levitra Caverject Uprima from the All Saints Clinic, Cyprus
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  • Andrew - After a lot of experience, no supplement is perfect for every situation

    There is a trick to these supplements. You have to take them with enough food for the all the B vitamins to burn off of. Otherwise, you can get really tired and sick from the 1000% daily value of B vitamins. It always makes my vision sharper, and my speech more articulate and I'm more enthusiastic and more playful. It helps me come up with ways to joke with people, a way of being aware of the situation at hand to a heightened degree.

  • Ashley L. - Great product, used while traveling in South America!

    I backed this project via Kickstarter and was stoked because I had a trip to South America planned and this is exactly what I needed versus using tablets for a straw to filter out all the bacteria and what not. I remember watching the videos on how to filter my water and thought it would be a piece of cake - until I actually tested it out before leaving for my trip and successfully made the biggest mess in the kitchen (trying to filter off of a kitchen island) because I didn't follow the instructions and give myself enough room to actually apply pressure and filter the water so it just gushed out. Figured out it's best to mimic the video and apply pressure on the floor and BAM! Worked like a charm.

  • Mac W - VIPRE works very well

    This is my second year using VIPRE on three computers. It has worked very well - I've had no viruses, etc.

  • Tatyana - Not worth all that money

    First, I should say that I have long been a big fan of everything by Aveda. I love their Blue Malva shampoos, I am crazy about the smell. So I was glad when I found out that they now carry a line for thinning hair. My hair, while still full and long, has taken a beating after having my son and work-related stress. I decided to help my scalp regenerate some growth. I bought the entire Invati system, from the shampoo to the revitalizer. The price was rather steep but having used Aveda before, I was optimistic. Here's my feedback.

  • Cory S. - Best back razor I have used and I have tried ...

    Best back razor I have used and I have tried a few. This allows you to use regular blades so replacements are much easier to find and cheaper.

  • research diva - older book but still very good info

    another ceramics book every serious ceramics artist/student/instructor will benefit by having in their library of knowledge. Analytical, concise, pictures and diagrams, and deals with a wide range of topics and technical data.