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  • 415man - The Best Bang (pun intended) for Your Buck!!!

    never thought i would write a review on this but here I am. I'm in my 60's now take levitra for ED. Still keep myself in shape and weigh the same I did 40 years ago. But time, wear and tear, agent orange exposure, stroke diabetes type II, high blood pressure, low test and the list goes on. I am not one to give in though and I still have my better half to please. So the quest for "sexual enhancement supplements for seniors" began. My first attempt was to over come ED, hence the levitra but its not a sexual stimulant. I tried several testosterone boosters and now take prescription testosterone gel along with a test booster. The next thing was to deal with really weak orgasms/ejaculations. So I tried the original Ogoplex formula and Bang! I think I even howled at the moon a few times when cumming...lol! Plus, the wife really noticed the increased excitement and ejaculation! Our sex life was back on! Then Ogoplex did something I'm not sure but the formula was changed and I noticed the decrease in intensity and sperm. I buy my supplements normally thru a well-known bodybuilding on'line seller and this is where I came across Ball refill. The intensity of orgasm and semen release increased all over again and at better levels than with the original ogoplex formula. I buy this product monthly as my experience has been that if I go without it, within 2 weeks things seem to be going backwards. Yeah, I know it sucks to have to take a pill for everything but thats life and as long as my wife is satisfied (and me too) its well worth the cost. A 4 Star rating until i find something better than Ball refill and a 5th Star for the low price. When you start comparing similar products and ingredients.....the best bang (pun intended) for your buck!!! As with any supplement, not all pills work the same for everyone....this one just happend to work for me. Ive been using for over 3 years!

  • Mcsteve - Very disappointed.

    All reviewers seem to state it worked out of the box. Mine does not. I would download a driver if I could find it online. Very disappointed.

  • Liz19 - skeptical at 1st but it works

    I had been looking around for the best reviewed butt enhancer. I've tried the mo butta cream and after 2 bottles I didn't see a difference & when I came across brand new booty I decided to try it. After 3 weeks I measured myself but no luck & after I finished the bottle, I measured my self a week later and I grew half an inch! I was like whaaa?! I measured a couple more times (lol) and I finally realized it was really there. I will order this product again