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  • Kindle Customer - HERE'S MY UPDATE

    NEW Air Remote HAS ARRIVED.... Here's the deal..... Use CHEAP, VERY CHEAP AAA, BATTERIES, in the REMOTE and it will work PERFECTLY A-OK..... I love the unit, I just have to get computer savy to figure out a few things to get up to speed cable basic, but I'll use this unit for all it's great stuff

  • amazonshopper - After over 3 years I finally got it right-now can't live without KCCC!

    Ok, so just like many other reviewers here, this product works, you just have to try, try and try until you find the application technique that works for you. I am a heavy YouTube watcher and bought this product in 2009 when natural hair ladies there were raving about it. Tried the dripping wet method-- didn't work. Tried the dripping wet then light rinse out method. Tried the not so wet method-- didn't. Work. Tried it with two strand twists. Didn't work. My hair either took forever (2 days) to dry or was crunchy and very shrunken or sticky. My hair is thick type 4- not exactly what letter but I do have a few very tiny coffee stirrer size curls when wet. Ive always loved the knot today though, but gave up on KCCC. Knot today is the best leave in ever, IMHO. After giving up on KCCC, I found a method that worked great for my wash n gos-- co-washing with Giovanni smooth as silk conditioner, knot today leave in, then curl activator gel, then clear Eco styler gel over that. This system works great for me. However, one day I was out of curl activator gel, and I still had a tiny amount of old KCCC in my bathroom. I use the activator gel in my wash n go regimen to "soften" the Eco. I thought hey, maybe the KCCC can fulfill this function. I had never used it this way (under Eco styler) and oh boy!! The best wash n go I've EVER had. I used to have to cowash and reapply gel after working out every 2-3 days, but not with the KCCC. It lasts! Plus my hair is so much softer and shinier. So MY way of using KCCC is one that I've personally never read about or seen anywhere, so I wanted to share. Again, my recipe for perfect wash n go: cowash Giovanni smooth as silk (but some people may need to clarify with a shampoo), knot Today, KCCC then clear Eco styler gel over that. Perfect! Using the Eco gives me the hold and hang that I need for my type 4 hair. KCCC alone didnt do it, but with Eco styler it is fantastic!

  • beceetwo - Excellent Security System - Minor Installation Issues - No Contract...

    I purchased the Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System 8-piece Plus Package through the Simplisafe website in late June, 2013. I also bought several additional Entry Sensors to fully protect my home. This system is excellent. It took me a couple days to get it functional, not because it is hard to install, but because I had some issues unique to my house and property that took longer to install.

  • Aaron - Buy this item!

    I have had stomach issues for as long as I can remember. I have acid reflux and IBS. The doctors I have seen give me acid reflux medication and say to use an elimination diet. Well, the medication would not work, and they would say, take double the amount. I have eliminated foods down to about 10 things I eat to avoid stomach problems. This is no way to live. After being told about this honey, I read reviews and researched it online. I decided to give it a try. BUY THIS PRODUCT! I have been taking it for about one week, and I feel better. My digestion is improved, and I know my acid reflux is better. It seems to sooth my stomach and digestion, and it helps with IBS. I have been very happy with this product, and I hope you are too.

  • The Other Me Again - Worth It For Me

    This thing has relieved the pain of my severe nighttime leg cramps, stopped the intense shock-like neuropathic nerve spasms in my feet, released the limited mobility and pain of a "tennis elbow", and even helped to heal a badly infected maxillary sinus.

  • Joseph - First time good results. Second, not so much.

    These worked for me the first time I used them. I took a 6 month hiatus from them and they did nothing but make me hot and cold, which I understand is a function but I didn't get the energy or mental focus I did the first time taking them. Maybe the batch I got was expired?

  • Amazon Customer - Wonderful way to charge all your devices at the same time!

    I used this on a recent trip, knowing that hotel rooms don't always have a lot of extra outlets. It was wonderful and I was able to have enough to charge my phone, tablet and my friend's phones, too! It worked GREAT!