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  • Kayla - Increased energy, no results on the scale.

    I wanted to give this product a little more time to work before I wrote a review but am still not seeing that much of a difference. I had high hopes for this product, as I have had with many weight loss products I have tried in the past. I have no doubts that my birth control interferes with weight loss so I imagine that is a factor on why this product wasn't producing results on the scale. This is why I gave the product 3 stars. I have had increased energy while using this product and I haven't experienced any bad side effects. The pill seemed average to me and didn't have much of a bad after taste. I will continue taking this product. I will update this review when I have finished the bottle completely if I do have any other results.

  • Josh - Great Jerky

    Got the sample yesterday, and gotta say man, it was fantastic. It had a lot of flavor, and just looked good as well. Will definitely buy more later. It's understandably on the expensive side of food for that reason, a premium product. I got the product at a discount but that affected my review in no way.

  • JackV - Sir Elton John

    There is not a lot that i can say about this man. after paying to much attention to music for a while, Elton John renewed my love for music.