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ARIANNE : Your CRO Partner for a Global Reach - Arianne Corporation - ARIANNE Corp is a Clinical Research Organization providing Clinical and Regulatory services worldwide to biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

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  • Adalwolf - They work great! My boyfriend uses these to stop snoring

    They work great! My boyfriend uses these to stop snoring. While it doesn't keep him from snoring entirely, it makes a huge difference and allows me to sleep without worrying about wearing earplugs or waking up constantly. They are extremely easy to apply and take off, and do not bother him at all while being worn. They are quite sticky and have never fallen off during use.

  • Laura Kelley - My favorite Smoothie!!

    This is so tasty! I love the chai flavor. I loved buying it at Smoothie King and was disappointed when they stopped carrying it. The manager of my local Smoothie King informed me they added half of a banana to it to achieve their flavor. Its perfect and way cheaper to make at home!

  • Amazon Customer - Helps sharpen your body!

    This is totally worth it ! I sweat like crazy after applying this. My stomach and my back is drenched with sweat every time. It helped sharpen my stomach, and have gotten rid of my "love handles" this is a life saver.

  • sabrinnie - Pretty

    Its pretty cool to have when you're bored or waiting. Very convenient. Alot of pictures tho...i dont normaly get this magazine