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Athens Internal Medicine Associates (AIMA) — St. Mary's Medical Group - Athens Internal Medicine Associates (AIMA) is the practice of Internal Medicine physicians Patrick Brooks, MD, Mark Firth, MD, Lisa Smith, MD, Elizabeth Smith, MD, Jane Fleagle, MD and Family Medicine physician Matthew Farmer, MD.

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  • Matt Bryant - A necessary discussion continued well

    There are plenty of reasons to continue the debate or simply disagree with Mr Murray but I find it difficult to fault him for engaging a difficult subject in a compelling way. His hypothesis and assumptions are impeachable and many of his observations are admittedly anecdotal, which he admits, but few will disagree with the the observation that social America is indeed coming apart in new ways. I personally doubt very much that his hypothetical uber class is in fact cognitively superior based on the results this new Ivy League aristocracy has returned. One of his conclusions appears beyond reproach: if the People fail, so will the American experiment. America is coming apart because the People have surrendered to the balance of power to a ruling class. Why we have done that, and how to fix it, are necessary debates to which Mr. Murray has added substantial value and insight.

  • rachel houk - Easy to snap on and off

    Easy to snap on and off! I don't suggest leaving it on and folding the stroller down for long periods of time, it may bend the bars or damage the stroller, plus it doesn't fold down as flat. Other than that it's nice!

  • Sean - Great laptop for the money!!! Some minor flaws.

    If I could give this chromebook 4.5/5 stars I would, but it doesn't quite deserve 5. Previous reviews have have done a good job pointing out pro/cons. I will try to focus on aspects not mentioned often or at all in other reviews I have seen.

  • Zeljan Tomasovic - Love it.

    I bought this as a Christmas present for my girlfriend, who loved Just Dance 4. She was ecstatic to play this one. Many more well known songs were included, and both of us had fun playing it. The dances are pretty fun to begin with, and there's really something in there for anyone. Our only complaint was the workouts weren't quite the same as the last game, so it made it a bit more frustrating if you only wanted to get a specific workout in.