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Holistic & Alternative Medicines Atlanta | Pain Management - Dr. Board Is a doctor who specializes in Alternative, Integrative, and Holistic Medicines as well as Pain Management.

  • http://www.atlantafunctionalmedicine.com/about-us/meet-dr-board/ Dr. Board Founded Atlanta Functional Medicine Of Alpharetta GA - Dr. Elizabeth Board, MD, Functional Medicine practitioner, specializes in non-narcotic pain management, among other Functional Medicine modalities.
  • http://www.atlantafunctionalmedicine.com/meet-dr-linda-lee/ Meet Dr. Linda Lee | Atlanta Functional Medicine - Dr. Linda Lee is a board certified Family Physician who has a passion for Functional Medicine.
  • http://www.atlantafunctionalmedicine.com/about-us/meet-dr-beirne/ Meet Dr. Mark Beirne | Atlanta Functional Medicine - Dr. Mark Beirne is a General Practice physician who specializes in Non-Surgical Bariatric Weight Loss Treatment, Travel Medicine, Addiction Medicine, and more.
  • http://www.atlantafunctionalmedicine.com/meet-dr-miller/ Meet Dr. Karen Miller | Atlanta Functional Medicine - Atlanta Functional Medicine is pleased to welcome Dr. Karen F. Miller, OBGYN, to our growing practice.
  • http://www.atlantafunctionalmedicine.com/about-us/sharon-jackson/ Office Manager Sharon Jackson | Atlanta Functional Medicine - Sharon Jackson has over 20+ years experience in the medical field as a Billing & Coding Manager, and Practice Manager.
  • http://www.atlantafunctionalmedicine.com/about-us/meet-linda-hall/ Meet Linda Hall With Atlanta Functional Medicine | Alpharetta GA - Linda Hall is a Registered Nurse, Healing Touch Practitioner and First Line Therapy Educator. Linda is the Patient Care Coordinator for Atlanta Functional
  • http://www.atlantafunctionalmedicine.com/about-us/tour-our-office/ Tour Atlanta Functional Medicine Holistic Healing Center In Alpharetta - Tour the office of Atlanta Functional Medicine, including the Lobby, the treatment rooms, the doctor's offices and the Supplement Store
  • http://www.atlantafunctionalmedicine.com/our-services/naturopathy/ Atlanta Functional Medicine Offers Naturopathic Medicine - Naturopathy, like other holistic disciplines, utilizes remedies found in nature. Dr. Curtis combines her knowledge of traditional and alternative therapies.

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