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  • Great Book for Hypoglycemia - Great Book for Hypoglycemia

    This is an excellent diet for those with hypoglycemia. The food restrictions for those with candidiasis and hypoglycemia are nearly identical - avoidance of all sugar and sugar-producing substances.

  • Spelljunkie - Nero 15 Platinum = GARBAGE!

    Nero 15 Platinum is absolute garbage! I went back to using my 2009 VERSION of DVDFab 6 to burn and watch DVD's and Windows Media Player to burn and listen to music! Nero must have had focus groups to decide how much can they screw up their easy to use software, make it so it no longer auto-opens anything (namely .vob files for me), and always leads to a ridiculous opening menu that you have to memorize what the programs do because there is no description or the descriptions are so similar - you just have to cross your fingers and click one and it will likely be the wrong one (wasted too much time clicking around). I would reinstall my pirated version of Nero 9 as even that works so much better, but I uninstalled EVERYTHING Nero related and even deleted the emails because I don't want this garbage polluting my system! Sad when 2009 software outperforms Nero 2015 Platinum... Anyone who buys this is a fool, including me - consider yourself warned, I wish someone would have warned me! Gotta go - have more of these reviews to post!

  • Kimberly A. Bennett - doesn't work

    Only worked once, and wasn't at all accurate that time. The next time I went to use it the screen looked damaged from the inside, looks almost like water damage which is impossible as it was in me desk the entire time. I already requested a refund on this item.

  • NHConcernedConsumer - works well!

    Works well! My company has several Foscam IP cameras and using this splitter with our PoE switch, I'm able to run the cameras in locations and not have to worry about the nearest 110v wall outlet. We've been using the splitter for several weeks now.

  • randdogs - GREAT STUFF

    Love this shampoo. Makes my hair soft, shiny, full of body not weighed down. I have color treated hair and had trouble with breakage. This shampoo has almost completely cured that!

  • Snpr520 - Cant get any stations… looks cool though.

    Cant get any stations… looks cool though.. had to buy a different one after putting up with this one for over a year.

  • Jose A. Ferrer - LOVE IT!!!!!!

    Its such an AWESOME simulator. But there are glitches like some of the animals are too slow, and there's a funny one. I have two suggestions for an ultimate sim