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Aventura Fántastica : Lu Marini - Lu Marini decola para sobrevoar toda a extensão do rio Doce, buscando história, captando imagens exclusivas, em uma aventura inédita.

Country:, South America, BR

City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • LordMetalZ28 - Great value

    For what it was the sample was great for sizing up, and understanding what needs to be done for install. also a great way to see what it will look like on your gutters, I put the sample up for a week to see how it would work mounted flat. I didn't notice any water flowing past it and when i went up after a week there was some pine needles and roof granules on the mesh, not lodged or stuck, was able to brush right off. I took away one star for looks, I tried mounting these under the shingles at an angle first but the aluminum looked horrible against my earth tone spruce and clay color scheme it was highly visible from the street so i had no choice to mount flat. I wish they came in a clay colored frame like leaf solution. I am going to buy a hundred feet regardless because lets be honest 1900$ for 75ft of leaf solution or master shield is insane when its all the same micro mesh stuff. Ill have a better review on the 100FT purchase and how it holds up winter 2014/2015. Oh btw i did that stupid master shield oil test and it did wash off eventually under my faucet as well.But seriously how much roof oils are we talking about.

  • Patricia - I actually love the little carrier pouch

    I have been using this non-stop since receiving it. It works perfectly for my needs. It came with multiple little rubber inserts so that you can find the right fit for your ear as well as 2 sets of ear clips for more security. I actually love the little carrier pouch, it's cute and functional, not too big, not too small. Pairing was a snap. I charge it up once a day and it gives me about 5-6 hours of listening pleasure. I don't actually use it when talking on the phone; I already have a Bluetooth speaker in my car, so I cannot say how well it works for that purpose. My music comes thru loud and clear so I imagine talking on the phone would be the similar. I don't use the secondary earpiece as I prefer to keep one ear free. I love it and have recommended it to family and friends.

  • Timothy D. Taylor - This Version is Halloween Cash Grab!!!

    Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the movie!! Classic, classic film!!! But thinking that the shirt was cool and the $40 price tag was worth it? HELL NO!! Since you can get the SAME disc for $10, you're paying $30 plus tax for a shirt that is barely worth $18 and it's size large, not even XL. Do not waste money like I did and save the cash and buy just the Blu-ray at $10. Warner Bros, you're horrible!! Rip off!

  • CaringConsumer - Really like it - and it has a lining sewn in

    Really like this top. That it has a lining sewn in is a big plus. Arms are have opening at elbow to allow you to wear top as a bat sleeve, or you can wear it full length down the arm. Really like this top!