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Country:, Asia, TR

City: 28.9948 , Turkey

  • Susan S. - Great conditioner

    I usually use only fragrance-free hair products, but if you can tolerate the smell of coconut without any typical fragrance chemicals, this is a wonderful product I use regularly. Sometimes I do combine it with another conditioner and leave them on my hair after shampooing. They also make a great mousse for curly hair. Very light products for hair. Non greasy.

  • Christina R. Sink - Awesome, great song!

    I rewatched the video and remembered the first time I saw the video, had to buy the song! I Love Heart! They are an awesome band!!

  • Carl Franklin, JD/PhD - Only one small issue and one not worth avoiding a purchase

    I was very excited to receive this product and I am happy with all aspects, with only one small issue. Let me take that issue up first and explain why only gave this product for stars. If you already own a vehicle that uses an advanced audio system with Bluetooth then you likely will not need this product. But if you are like me, and have some classic cars that you want to expand their usability with a product like this then this is probably a great choice. There is only one small caveat, though. One of the cars I use the product in is a third-generation Corvette which has the cigarette lighter in the center console covered by a small flip open plate. I found that there was a slight problem getting this product to fit well into that connection without causing a bit of interference with the gear shifter.

  • Martin F. Kelly - So far so good but.....

    Just received 1 week ago and set up. I will not waste your time and go over the same things that everyone else has addressed except to say that it is as heavy and as rock solid as you may have read. Design is okay but the set up, specifically feeding the wires thru the arms, could use some improvement. Was a tight fit and very easy to nick the wires when putting in the screws for the covers especially in the right hand arm. BE CAREFUL!

  • iwtgtp - I'm using it like a pro now

    You have to learn how to make it suction well then it'll keep you dry. Stay prepared for a few accidents the first time. I never used it without a pad to be on the safer side. After a few accidents, of the cup spilling the contents out, I'm using it like a pro now. Still I never dare to use it without a pad.