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  • Michael Brewer - A very practical cookbook

    The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook was exactly what I was hoping for - a very practical British cookbook with lots of receipies I want to try including meat pies, desserts & much more. This is a cookbook that can be used for every day cooking & not just fun occassions like parties.

  • Stephan Rodewald - I'm extremely satisfied with quality of construction and packaging

    This is my first grow light after using natural light and CFL on my hydroponic strawberries. Very impressed with the quality of the unit, clarity of the instructions, and offered warranty (3 years, and 30 day return policy). I only received my unit recently, so I can't say anything about the long term performance, or how my plants are reacting to the light. However, I'm extremely satisfied with quality of construction and packaging.

  • Brandy - My baby does great on the regular Mommgs bliss probiotics

    My baby does great on the regular Mommgs bliss probiotics, thinking this would make him do ever better we tried it. Man was that a mistake he has miserable stomach pains the 2 days he took these :( We went back to the regular ones after taking two days off and he's doing fine again.

  • Martin Bidegaray - Updated: OCT2016 Great Product

    Purchased this for my 1998 4Runner work truck. Installation and setup is easy however for the first few stations I tried I got persistent static. Eventually I tuned it to a radio station which is actually active. So, not a blank radio station, but one that actually plays music - 107.9 in Miami. The sound went from annoying to perfect. I'm not clear why this changed the issue. I will update this post if I have any other feedback. So for new users having issues, I recommend trying a few different stations until you get a clear signal.

  • Alan D - It worked just fine. Those tiles are now solidly in place

    I used tape on some loose end tiles in a doorway and butted something solid against the tape to prevent leakage before pumping the stuff into the holes I drilled. It worked just fine. Those tiles are now solidly in place. I'll be getting to the easier loose tiles next. One tube a day for the next few days should take care of all my loose tiles. Don't press down too hard on the tip or it will bend and don't pump it in too quickly. Cleaning overflow is easy. I'd advise repairing cracked grout to prevent unwanted leakage. Great stuff!