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Mark E. Baldree M.D. | Arcadia Ear, Nose and Throat | Phoenix Arizona - Dr. Baldree has a large pediatric practice with an emphasis in treating resistant ear infections, tonsils, and adenoid issues and understands the challenges that parents face when their children are sick. In fact, many patients who were treated by Dr. Baldree as toddlers now trust him with the care of their own children.

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  • DMB95 - Better Than Some

    It isn't WEN that's for sure, however it is better than some other WEN knock offs on the market. I am a massive fan of WEN, but I can't justify spending over $50 a month of hair care. This product takes a few times to "kick in", but after about my 4th washing, with just past the shoulder hair length things are improving. The down side...the suggested about of about 20 pumps doesn't make the bottle last all that long. SO, if you're going to weigh 2-3 bottles a month, you're almost up to WEN prices anyway. May be a lot less for someone with really short hair.

  • Ashlee Bates - Perfect

    Perfect size for a small gym bag and for a small person. If you're looking to keep a lot of stuff in your bag, this isn't the bag for you. The 3 pockets are (1 inside, 2 outside) are great. Plus it's really cute!

  • Peter M. Finin - This book is an embarrasment

    This book has so much wrong with it it's hard to know where to start. It's littered with typos. Sentences occasionally start and don't finish. There are lots of lousy diagrams. What's more insidious is the plethora of scientific errors. It claims that cells are about 4 inches across. At least anyone reading the book will immediately see that's ridiculous and not be led astray. Many of the other errors are less obvious, and will trip you up.

  • DudeRancher - Best Price To Be Found On The Interent!

    Great program for those of you who cannot afford to but the full blown 3-D version. No issues, program works great!