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Bay Area Medical Information.com--Health Resources for Seniors and Baby Boomers - A resource site for senior health and the community in general. BAMI covers up-to-date health educational materials as well as an extensive directory of health care resources both locally and nationally.

  • http://www.bami.us/SiteIndex.html Site Index BAMI.us - This is an index of the entire site of BAMI.us, a resource for both health care providers and the community in general. BAMI provides up-to-date health educational materials as well as an extensive directory of health care resources both locally and nationally.
  • http://www.bami.us/Diseases.html Index of Diseases and Health Issues - Educational handouts, video tutorials, local support groups & internet links for common diseases and health issues
  • http://www.bami.us/Drugs/DrugInfo.html Medication References - Direct links to comprehensive prescription, over-the-counter, and herbal medication references.
  • http://www.bami.us/Diet/Calcium.html Calcium & Vitamin D - Up-to-date and easily understood educational print outs, video tutorials, and internet links for calcium and vitamin D supplementation.
  • http://www.bami.us/GI/Colonoscopy.html Colonoscopy - This is an educational handout illustrating the need for colonoscopy in detecting and preventing colon cancer.
  • http://www.bami.us/Diet/WeightLoss.html Weight Loss and Nutrition - Boost your metabolism and burn more calories. Important facts for sensible weight loss.
  • http://www.bami.us/Stretching.html Exercise Basics and Stretching Exercises - Basic but essential facts about exercise with specific illustrations of stretching techniques. This page is written for the average individual who is interested in getting started on an exercise program.
  • http://www.bami.us/Resp/Smoking.html Smoking Cessation - Stop smoking - get results and change your life! Interesting and motivating facts about smoking. News, information, and photos about quitting smoking as well as extensive supportive resources such as local classes, support groups, and medications
  • http://www.bami.us/Anatomy.html Anatomy Video Tutorials - Interesting and easy-to-understand educational video tutorials about anatomy and physiology
  • http://www.bami.us/CardiacAnatomy.html Anatomy of the Heart - Well-illustrated tutorial of the anatomy and function of the heart with links to interesting video tutorials of cardiac anatomy
  • http://www.bami.us/Child/ChildBehaviorUS.html Child Behavior Disorders - Directory of helplines, therapist locators, and educational references for parent enrichment and child behavior difficulties. Local resources available in Pinellas County, Florida are also included.
  • http://www.bami.us/Sr/SrConsumerProtection.html Consumer Protection for Seniors - This is a directory of agencies in Pinellas County, Florida who provide consumer protection for seniors
  • http://www.bami.us/Conversions.html Conversions and Calculations for Health Care - Links for easy-to-use conversions and calculations that are useful for both health care providers and consumers.
  • http://www.bami.us/Labs.html Laboratory and Diagnostic Procedures - Internet links to reliable and up-to-date information regarding all laboratory and diagnostic procedures in current use.
  • http://www.bami.us/ScreeningTools.html Screening Tools for Diagnosis - Screening tools used by health care providers to assist in diagnosis of many illnesses.
  • http://www.bami.us/Dictionary.html Medical Dictionary - Directory of reputable internet links to medical dictionaries, english dictionaries, and the Merriam Webster Thesaurus.
  • http://www.bami.us/Hurricane.html Hurricane - Track The Storm - Directory of internet links to track the hurricane as well as information about preparedness

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  • Funktasic - Great product. Helping in unexpected ways.

    Bought this product for multiple reasons. Being used by whole family. both furry and non. In humans certain types of Lyme related pain has finally subsided (after standard medical intervention has repeatedly failed), completely unexpected. Has helped to regulate bowel movements and reduce symptoms associated with IBS, colitis, and crohn's, again unexpected. "going" like a healthy teenager again for the first time in 15 years (inclusive of healthy proper diet as recommended by family doctor).

  • torx - Outlet Tester

    Easy to read indicator lights. The rubber grips are a nice touch. Looks and feels well built overall. Tried it around the house and worked great, including the GFCI tester. I actually bought a cheap $4 one from Home Depot before getting this, and that was almost impossible to read because of the poor indicator lights. This one is much better.

  • Butterflylvr - Love it

    These products are amazing. For years I struggled with large pores oily tzone. Since using these products my skin has become balanced for the first time. I do get regular shipments. But direct shipment from Cindy Crawford takes weeks at best so I'm happy to see I can buy just one item on amazon! Thank you!!

  • Kaity - Not too bad

    They aren't quality stories. I reccomend this book to kids 6 and under. Some of the stories don't make sense.

  • Amazon Customer - Made my hair smell

    Smells wonderful in package! Only used this product on my twist out which came out cute but made my hair smell horrible. I had to rewash my hair because it smelled. Disappointed but I do like the curl maker!

  • Lauren - Yes!

    Once again, I love this disc. I don't have any problems with it being scratched or damaged. It arrived on time and it was packaged nicely. I love most of the music on it as well!