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Bedford Pharmacy - Bedford Pharmacy is located in Southern New Hampshire. In our prescription compounding laboratory, we specialize in formulas that are not commercially available, not economically feasible to manufacture, to meet the customer's individual need for special drug strength or dosing consideration.

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  • Chris A - Quick To Install and can be a solo job

    One of the easiest wall mount I have ever installed. Found the stud, drill the top hole, put the top lag screw in, used a level on the sides to find the location of the bottom hole, drilled and screwed, and it was up; just 2 lag screws. Don't use the included level on the rail to determine level, since that can pivot. Use a short torpedo level in the sides of the wall mount. Mount the brackets on the back of the TV and then hang the TV on the wall mounted plate and secure the capture screws. Make sure that you get the brackets on the inside of the mounting plate. And it was done! The last mount I used I had to mount the TV to the wall mount and then hold them both up to mount it on the wall; not an easy thing to do even with 2 people.

  • Computer dude - I switched from years of using Norton to Bitdefender and I am glad I did

    I don't understand why the rest of the people reviewed this software poorly. I switched from years of using Norton to Bitdefender and I am glad I did. I have had it for 3 years and it has detected AND deleted problematic cookies and dangerous files that sneak their way to my computer. It works great for the single average home user or person who has multiple computers that need protection. When I worked as a remote tech, I informed the owner of the company to use the free version to do a quick clean of cookies on home user's computers. Now he uses it on his PC and he is very happy with it.

  • Shorsue - It was a little annoying, but toward the end

    The men in this book were only developed enough to be seen for what they were, and for their actions to drive the plot. I did get a reaction to them, but again, for what they did rather than for what they were.

  • Pat Qeen - I am disappointed with this

    I am disappointed with this, I saw very little improvement, not $60 worth, (and yes, I know it's temporary)