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Nutrients and the Unquiet Brain - A Four Generation Bipolar Odyssey - Bipolar disorder - biological causes and nutritional solutions - one family's bipolar odyssey presented by Nu-Tune Press

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  • J. Filak - One Fabulous Pot!

    As someone who loves to cook I can't believe I waited this long to experience how wonderful these Le Creuset pots are. I promptly made a delicious chili in mine when it arrived and not only did it cook great, it was lovely to serve from. Although these pots are expensive, they are worth it--a lifetime investment.

  • ABarbs13 - Love!!

    Absolutely LOVE the smell of this product. I had to order more b/c I started using it in the shower myself. Aveeno makes awesome products. Super gentle on baby's skin and as I mentioned, the smell is amazing.

  • Toast - Absolutely fantastic product.

    Absolutely fantastic product. As of now I use this 900W UPS to protect my editing PC and primary monitor and, even under heavier loads, can achieve 30+ minutes of runtime on battery before the unit will shut down my PC via the included USB connection. This means I *shouldn't* have to worry about power outages during most video export scenarios. The free PowerPanel software allows users to disable the annoying alarms, and allows shutdown/power-on scheduling as well. This is very important for me, as I am frequently on the go and need to remotely access my computer, but don't want to leave it running 24/7 while I'm on the road: with a little configuration both on the computer and on the UPS, I can have this shut my computer down at night, turn it on in the morning, and thus save electricity. The only downside to this unit is that it is simulated sine, and not pure sine, which means I am not able to use it to also protect my studio speakers (simulated sine can damage sensitive audio equipment).

  • Rabbi Gruenberg - Great for the inexperienced investor

    I am not a seasoned trader or investor. In fact as a rabbi, I often rely on others to do all the work for me when it comes to this world. However this book is the only book on the subject that I have been able to understand and use to my advantage as a novice. Jeffrey Hirsch does such a great job explaining terms, trends and all pertinent information not only for the experienced savvy trader but for beginners like me. Thank you for this great yearly piece of work.

  • Missladu - Great product

    It really does polish your face and make it glow. Use no more than twice a week because you don't want to over dry your skin.