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Home - birthtraumacanada.org - BTCanada is an organization of mothers traumatized by childbirth. Traumatic stress disorders and depression are normal reactions to severe physical and/or psychological stress.

  • http://www.birthtraumacanada.org/34.html Advocacy - birthtraumacanada.org - BTCanada does not support the SOGC position paper on 'Normal' birth. WHO finally admits no credible evidence for their safe cesarean limit.
  • http://www.birthtraumacanada.org/18.html Veterans Affairs PTSD - birthtraumacanada.org - Traumatic stress disorders and depression are expected reactions to severe physical and/or psychological stress.

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  • willie a anderson - Great product. It is so easy to use with ...

    Great product. It is so easy to use with perfect end results. I only wish that I would have known about it years ago.

  • Alex Colletta - TrackR is immensely helpful

    I've been waiting for a product like this for so long. I lose my wallet, my keys, or both on almost a weekly basis. I usually find them but when you're in a rush, it's the most frustrating thing ever. My friend told me about trackR and I bought one a few days later. Sure enough I couldn't find my keys when I was late to work the next week. I almost forgot I had the trackR before my girlfriend reminded me. I busted out my phone and opened up the app. Then I could hear a pile of clothes in the corner of the room beeping and found the keys in a pocket. Saved me probably ten minutes of looking for them and I made it to work on time. Gotta say this device has helped me a lot already and I'm extremely satisfied with it. Whether youre prone to losing things or you had a late night drinking, trackR will help you find what you seek!

  • CPCP - Too much money if they won't hold up

    They look well made but after using them only 2 months, the tread is worn off beneath the gas pedal. Would I buy them again? No - nothing like the heavy duty mats I have been using for years. I really liked the way they fit and how they look but wouldn't spend the money on them again as they don't look like they will hold up very well if there is that much wear after 2 months.