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  • Ellen Stemmer - I use this product all the time.

    I've been using this product for a few years, and I am convinced it is slowing down my hair loss. This 1 oz. bottle was priced right.

  • Stewart Wilkins - Great biking gloves.

    Love these gloves! I had an old pair of fingerless and these things are just about as cool (with extra protection). The palm padding is pretty thick (~5 mm or so) and makes riding that much more comfortable. The velcro bits are non-abrasive but they tend to catch on just about any other piece of cloth/clothing. For sizing, refer to Fox Racings' website sizing chart. The XXXL fit my hands perfectly (I have long but thin fingers). There's a little bit of wiggle room.

  • Julia Miller - Unfortunate.

    Beautiful car seat, kind of tall. I did end up returning it because the cushions around the sides of the head are huge and seemed to annoy my daughter and prevent from being able to look around much at all. We got a Chicco Nextfit instead.

  • Richard M Montgomery - A very light oil that I need for my 1954 ...

    A very light oil that I need for my 1954 L. A. Olds Ambassador trumpet. Oil works well with my old valves.

  • William - I bought this from a thrift store/pipeshop

    This product works. I followed the instructions 6 hours prior whole bottle and 2 glasses of water. Pee twice then take your test!!! Im a free man!!!

  • ProgSociologist - Only for those who must have the very latest of everything.

    Although much better than some of the earlier Hutzler designs (Hutzler 132 made my dishwasher smoke, 287 could only be used on one banana, 334 wasn't even banana-shaped and 440 was nothing but an orangutan), the 571 doesn't really improve much on the 560s to justify the price. In my opinion, they had all the kinks sorted out around 524ish and just keep issuing new models to prey on people who simply must have the newest model. (OK, so I'm one of them).