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Breast Cancer Prevention - Traditional Chinese Medicine - A complementary, and holistic approach to preventing and treating breast cancer based on the principals of traditional Chinese medicine. How to use Wu Ming Qigong, diet and lifestyle choices to improve your life.

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  • Janice Stanger - Learn to eat for life and health

    Once you read Dr. Baxter Montgomery's book, The Food Prescription for Better Health, you'll see health in a totally different light. Dr. Montgomery, a top cardiologist, explains that health is a process, not an outcome. Your health is how you choose to live, and especially what you select to eat.

  • skinhappy - Different Planchette Is Needed

    The Ouija Board has a nice design,but the Planchette is Big/Bulky and has unnecessary switchboards and electronic attachments inside of it,to make it light up and help to light the ouija.Its so heavy,that it dosent move across the board.I could feel it move Very slow,which made it unenjoyable.So what I did was,took the little feet off of the bottom, I took the screws out,I pulled the planchette apart,pulled out the plastic viewer and what you have is a lightweight planchette,that can glide across the board:)There is no light on it,but I use Candles anyway to set the aura.So overall its fine,except for the model of planchette that's included*

  • Cheryl - This product is really nice. I like the nice size

    This product is really nice. I like the nice size. Small and compact. Just plug it in. Works great. I have another product that works great too but is a little bigger than this. I like this one better because of the size. I also like that there's no cord. Just plug it in the wall. Doesn't make any sound. I was given this product at a discounted price for my honest review.