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Brightwater Landing | Addiction Treatment Center in PA - Brightwater Landing is a natural haven where people with addictions and mental health issues can develop resilience and reconnect with themselves.

  • https://www.brightwaterlanding.com/treatment-programs/ Addiction Treatment Programs | Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center - We offer medically monitored detox services and innovative treatment for addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders with a focus on healing trauma.
  • https://www.brightwaterlanding.com/treatment-programs/medical-detox/ Medical Detox | Drug Rehab in Pennsylvania - Brightwater Landing provides onsite, medical detox in a peaceful, private, home-like setting whose calming atmosphere truly helps clients.
  • https://www.brightwaterlanding.com/treatment-programs/addiction-treatment/ Addiction Treatment | Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center - At Brightwater Landing, we offer addiction treatment programs using traditional, holistic, experiential and adventure-based approaches.
  • https://www.brightwaterlanding.com/treatment-programs/co-occurring-disorders/ Co-Occurring Disorders | Addiction Treatment in PA - We offer specialized care for clients suffering from addiction and co-occurring disorders like mood disorders, anxiety disorders and PTSD/trauma-related disorders.
  • https://www.brightwaterlanding.com/experience/ The Experience | Upscale Drug Rehab Center - Brightwater Landing offers the best experience of both worlds – the comforts of an upscale addiction and mental health treatment center within an inviting, natural setting.
  • https://www.brightwaterlanding.com/experience/therapies/ Therapies | Addiction Recovery in Pennsylvania - We work with each client to explore which therapies best support their recovery, preparing them to take life-changing actions that will allow them to live within their true values.
  • https://www.brightwaterlanding.com/experience/trauma-focused-care/ Trauma-Focused Care | PA Rehab Center - At Brightwater Landing, clients learn addiction and trauma recovery skills and receive treatment for their mental health concerns as well.
  • https://www.brightwaterlanding.com/experience/setting/ Inspiring Setting | Pennsylvania Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center - Brightwater Landing is an inspiring and supportive setting in which a pathway to physical, emotional and spiritual recovery begins to unfold.
  • https://www.brightwaterlanding.com/about-us/ About Brightwater Landing | Pennsylvania Drug Rehab Center - Brightwater Landing treatment center offers emotional nourishment and expert clinical care within a serene, private, picturesque mountainside treatment center.
  • https://www.brightwaterlanding.com/about-us/staff/ Staff | Management & Clinical Staff at Brightwater Landing - Our exceptional clinical staff ensures the highest quality of addiction and mental health treatment for you, your loved one, or your client.
  • https://www.brightwaterlanding.com/about-us/philosophy/ Our Philosophy | Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment - Our philosophy is to help clients develop safe, trusting relationships with our multidisciplinary team of professionals through personal attention and therapies.
  • https://www.brightwaterlanding.com/about-us/mission-values/ Mission & Values | Addiction and Mental Health Treatment - Our values are at the core of everything we do. They guide our treatment approach, interactions and actions, as well as our day-to-day and long-term goals.
  • https://www.brightwaterlanding.com/about-us/clinical-professionals/ For Clinical Professionals Therapists and Doctors - Clinical professionals can expect effective and meaningful communication and cooperation in working with their clients while at Brightwater Landing.
  • https://www.brightwaterlanding.com/admissions/ Admissions at Brightwater Landing | Drug Rehab Center - Our admissions advisers help clients and their loved ones navigate all of the logistics of starting treatment and attend to every detail so they can focus on recovering.

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  • Lily - Great Math Section

    The math section gave really good tricks. The vocab section was great with all the latin roots as well. However, the critical reading section was lacking.

  • M. Dembski - It really does work.

    It actually does work and decreases the pain until the sore has healed. Sometimes it takes the entire tube before the sore is gone but in some instances the sore has cleared up in a day after using the cream. Obviously to be most effective you need to not drink or eat for a while after applying or else you are just washing the cream away. Its expensive but for someone that frequently gets painful month cold sores, its worth it.

  • meljen - Won't load saved games...

    Love this game, frustrated as hell because we can hardly ever get the saved games to show under 'load game' when we go back to play. Has anyone else had this problem? We have multiple accounts on our Xbox One, and we've tried logging in and out, ejecting the disc, etc. and nothing seems to work. We got our kids' save game to load once. It's a shame, since this game is REALLY fun.

  • Aprildsalon - Finally!!

    I received this product quickly and in great condition. I have had acne for over a decade and this product has cleared my skin quickly. Within a week of using the product my acne was under control. I have had one break since using it and I believe it is because I slacked off using it for a few days. Great product. Highly suggested.

  • Ann Bagot - PERFECT COLOR formulation for my usually difficult to match strawberry blonde/red hair!

    LOVE this hair color!. I have had my hair colored both professionally and DIY with drugstore brands. Note: I use the Semi-Permanent haircolor from eSalon. This color from eSalon performs exactly like the professional hair coloring that i had done for several years. I stopped having my hair professionally colored because it was so expensive AND I hate sitting in beauty salons for hours on end. The eSalon color lasts, it stays put, unlike drugstore color that fades. (In drug store color I also used semi-permanent). The eSalon color stays put until my roots start showing (white). The semi permanent color covers ALL of my grey. Another important feature of eSalon color: My hair is VERY unevenly grey. My bangs and the left front of my hair is nearly white, whereas the rest of my hair has grey strands distributed evenly throughout and I would say my hair is about 30% grey. The eSalon color covers my hair EVENLY whereas drugstore brands stick to the white part of my hair much more so than the rest of my hair. My hair is reddish blonde, so if I put reddish blonde color on my hair from the drugstore, I have a big spot in the left front and bangs that just soaks up the color, leaving me with a big bright spot while the rest of my hair colors normally. This has always been a huge problem for me when coloring my hair, and the eSalon color does NOT "grab" at that white area, it deposits evenly and to me this is fantastic! But the thing I love MOST about my eSalon semi permanent hair color is the COLOR; it is absolutely PERECT! It is BETTER than my professional coloring jobs that I used to have, it is better than any color I have ever used. It is like my hair as it USED to be before it started turning grey/white. I LOVE IT so much!! I have had so many compliments about the color. People who have known me for many years have remarked that my hair color is exactly like it used to be, and that is my coloring goal!! When I first ordered from eSalon, I had to complete a form about the color I have and the color I wanted. Then they requested a picture, so i sent one, and somehow, they got my hair color EXACTLY RIGHT!!! To me this is a miracle because my hair color is a little unusual, I am a strawberry blonde redhead, and they got it perfectly!! The COLOR is perfect, it covers my grey without grabbing the white hair in my "spot" in the left front, and it lasts until my roots start growing out and it is time to do it again. This is my very first Amazon review, that is how strongly I feel about my hair color from eSalon!!

  • LISA - Very disappointed. Said it was the classic game and it ...

    Very disappointed. Said it was the classic game and it is a newer version with new parts and only 3 pawns. Ordered it for my elderly mother and she hasn't been able to use it because of all the changes that have been made to the game.

  • anne e hare - 20inch dvd player

    This is a wonderful dvd player addition for our Yukon. Our previous one was much smaller and not compact as this one. We absolutely loved the convenience of useage on an eight hour trip. We bought three headphones so we did not listen to the movie but enjoyed music from the radio! The picture is very clear and audio is great. Our children like that they can do everything themselves and not involve us. Great investment.