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  • Barb - Mislead on Payroll Package

    After ordering the package for QB Pro 2012 and Enhanced Payroll, we found the same issue most of have had with this product... employees limited to 3 for payroll. This was purchased with the assistance of a QbProAdvisor that was not aware of the "limited" employee version either. Way too misleading. QB is a great product however it is very confusing when ordering the payroll product outside of the Intuit website and should have HIGHLIGHTED this limitation, as well as the true cost to upgrade to unlimited.

  • T.W. - Great so Far.

    So far I've been using this on and off for about a month and I have no complaints. It works great for a small heater and the price matches as well.

  • J. Phillips - Don't waste your money!!!!!

    I started taking Amberen last week, after hearing it advertised for a long time. I am 60 and past menopause (finally!) but still deal with night sweats, weight gain and bloating. I had hopes that Amberen would help me. Within hours after starting the pills I was hit with severe diarrhea that was helped only slightly by anti-diarrheal meds. It has persisted for a week- but only from 4-8 hours after taking the pills. It then settles down until 4 hours after the next dose. I also felt constantly moody, which had not been a problem before. I have seen nothing positive from taking this stuff- and the side effects are worse than any menopausal symptoms would be. I'm sorry I fell for the snake-oil claims this company put out there!

  • SGWHIZ - It is nice to have the large ink reservoirs and the printer ...

    It is nice to have the large ink reservoirs and the printer is fairly fast; however, it's still an "inkjet" printer. The duplex printing function works well and the scanner is adequate. When printing solid colors some banding is noticeable and the paper tray capacity is limited. This is a good home or desk-side office printer. The higher price clearly reflects the manufacturer's wish to reclaim revenue from what would have been realized from ink cartridge sales.

  • Flowerdragon - Great buy, beats all the store prices

    I use this daily and not only is hard to find at the Rx stores, when I do... it is very expensive. Basically getting twice the product at a little over half what I pay for the smaller size... I buy two at a time... Thanks!!

  • S. Lear - A GEM

    This is the first Lady Gaga album I have truly embraced. It reminds me of a Stevie Nicks LP in places. I love the country feel in some of the songs, too. This album is definitely eclectic, but it works. I was prepared to be underwhelmed, but instead I'm enamored with each and every song. Great album!

  • George - Good for light yoga, not good for intermediate/hot yoga.

    Extremely slippery when wet. Be ready to constantly towel off if you take this to a hot yoga class. Also had an issue where the bottom would not "stick" to certain surfaces causing parts of the mat to come up when you do jump to the front of the mat etc.