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Baby & Childhood Illness and Pain Relief - CALPOL® - Get in-depth information and advice on child & baby illness, from fever to baby teething, including soothing treatments and symptoms, from CALPOL®

  • https://www.calpol.co.uk/illnesses-symptoms/fever-high-temperature Baby & Child Fever and High Temperatures - CALPOL® - Fever (high temperature)  It’s not unusual for children to get a mild fever. So it’s good to feel sure about what’s normal and be confident you can tell when your little one is definitely unwell. From taking their temperature to doing all you can to bring down their fever, there’s lots of ways you can help your child feel better.
  • https://www.calpol.co.uk/illnesses-symptoms/teething-pain Teething Pain & Problems - CALPOL® - Teething troubles With lots of dribbles and grizzles, teething can be tough on everyone. But it’s all worth it when you see those shiny new teeth! While they’re coming through, there’s lots of ways you can ease your little one’s pain, from gentle but effective pain relief using paracetamol or anaesthetic gel to simple soothing tips.
  • https://www.calpol.co.uk/illnesses-symptoms/congestion Congestion & Blocked Nose - CALPOL® - Congestion & Blocked Noses No-one likes having a bunged up nose, least of all your little one. Luckily, it’s usually pretty easy to help them breathe more easily (and help you breathe a sigh of relief!) When your baby has a blocked nose following a few simple tips can give relief.
  • https://www.calpol.co.uk/illnesses-symptoms/post-immunisation-fever Post Immunisation Fever - CALPOL® - Post-immunisation fever It’s common for some children to develop a fever after an immunisation. If your little one feels unwell after an injection, you’ll want to do all you can to make them feel better. From simple tips to help them feel more comfortable to doing all you can to bring down their fever, there’s lots of ways you can help.
  • https://www.calpol.co.uk/illnesses-symptoms/cold-flu Cold & Flu - Baby Cold - CALPOL® - Cold The common cold really is well named – it’s one of the most common things that’ll make your little one feel poorly. Luckily, there are lots of ways you can help.
  • https://www.calpol.co.uk/illnesses-symptoms/earache Earache & Ear Infections in Babies and Children - CALPOL® - Earache We know earache can be really painful for your little one. It is very common in children, so it’s handy knowing what you can do to ease their pain. From simple tips to soothe tender ears to treating the pain with ibuprofen or paracetamol, there’s plenty of ways you can bring them more comfort.
  • https://www.calpol.co.uk/illnesses-symptoms/flu Influenza (Flu) - How to tell if it’s a Cold or a Flu? - CALPOL® - Influenza - Find out how to tell if your child has a Cold or the Flu & get expert tips & advice on how to help relieve & soothe the symptoms of Flu with CALPOL®.
  • https://www.calpol.co.uk/illnesses-symptoms/cough Coughing - Baby Cough - CALPOL® - Cough A persistent cough can be tough, especially if it’s keeping them – and you – awake at night. So it’s good to know a few ways to calm a cough and help everyone drift off to sweet dreams.
  • https://www.calpol.co.uk/illnesses-symptoms/aches-pains Aches & Pain - How to spot & How to Help Your Child - CALPOL® - Troublesome aches and pains in children - what are they? Consult CALPOL's® helpful advice & information on how to relieve various symptoms
  • https://www.calpol.co.uk/illnesses-symptoms/measles Does Your Child Have Measles? Get Tips & Expert Advice - CALPOL® - Measles can appear as fever, cough and rashes in children. Discover advice from CALPOL® on spotting the condition and tips which may help relieve symptoms
  • https://www.calpol.co.uk/illnesses-symptoms/sore-throat Sore Throat - Advice on How to spot & Help Your Child - CALPOL® - Throat pain and inflammation can sometimes accompany a common cough. Consult CALPOL's® advice on how to relieve the symptoms of sore throat
  • https://www.calpol.co.uk/illnesses-symptoms/mumps Does Your Child Have Mumps? Get Tips & Expert Advice - CALPOL® - Mumps may affect children of all ages appearing as a swelling around the neck . It is a common childhood disease, but CALPOL® could help relieve symptoms
  • https://www.calpol.co.uk/expert-advice Expert Advice - Expert Advice Expert Advice brings together healthcare professionals and parents to provide you with information and reassurance on a range of children’s health topics. Note to parents: The information delivered by the healthcare professionals in this section of the site is not designed to provide individually-tailored answers, diagnosis or treatment advice. If you are concerned about your child’s symptoms, you should always consult with an appropriate healthcare professional. Expert Chats Watch our short videos on a range of children’s health topics. Dr Ellie Cannon and parents discuss common childhood illnesses, providing expert advice on how to spot them and effective treatments, along with great tips to help you get your little one feeling better. View all Expert Chats
  • https://www.calpol.co.uk/our-products/illness-symptoms/pain-fever Our products for fever (high temperature) | CALPOL® - CALPOL®, has developed a number of different products to help your child when they're suffering with a fever or high temperature. Find out more and how here.
  • https://www.calpol.co.uk/our-products/illness-symptoms/cough CALCOUGH® Relieves Symptoms of Coughs in Young Children - Cough syrups from the CALPOL® Family are specially-formulated to provide soothing care, whether your little one is suffering from a sore throat or niggling cough.
  • https://www.calpol.co.uk/our-products/illness-symptoms/aches-pains Our products for aches & pains | CALPOL® - CALPOL® Infant Suspension helps soothe and relieve aches & pains for babies and young children. Generations of parents have relied on CALPOL® medicine.
  • https://www.calpol.co.uk/our-products/illness-symptoms/sore-throats Does Your Child Have a Sore throat? CALPOL® Infant Suspension Can Help - At CALPOL®, our experts have developed a number of different products to help soothe your child when they’re suffering with a sore throat.
  • https://www.calpol.co.uk/our-products/illness-symptoms/cold-flu CALPOL® Products to Relieve Symptoms of Cold & Flu in Children - The CALPOL® Family of products, help you relieve the symptoms of your little one’s cold, whether they have a cough, a fever or a blocked up nose.
  • https://www.calpol.co.uk/our-products/illness-symptoms/post-immunisation-fever Our products for post-immunisation fever | CALPOL® - It’s not unusual for children to get a mild fever after an immunisation. Find out how CALPOL® can help relieve the symptoms or read the immunisation guide here.
  • https://www.calpol.co.uk/our-products/illness-symptoms/congestion Our products for congestion & easy breathing | CALPOL® - Is your child having difficulty breathing, sleeping and feeding because of a stuffed up nose? CALPOL® Soothe & Care Saline Nasal Spray & Drops can both help.
  • https://www.calpol.co.uk/our-products/illness-symptoms/earache CALPOL® Products to Relieve the Symptoms of Earache in Children - Is your child suffering with earache? Our range of paracetamol & ibuprofen-based medicines mean you can provide your child with rapid & effective fever relief.
  • https://www.calpol.co.uk/our-products/illness-symptoms/teething Our products for teething pain | CALPOL® - Teething is one of those things your little one has to go through as they grow up. Find out How CALPOL®, CALPROFEN® & CALGEL® can help soothe & relieve the pain.
  • https://www.calpol.co.uk/our-products/get-the-dose-right Getting the dose right - Want to make less of a mess with medicine? Watch child health expert Dr. Carol Cooper’s top tips in our short video guide to getting the dose right.
  • https://www.calpol.co.uk/our-products/by-age/products-for-under-1s Our products for babies & infants (under 1 year) - CALPOL® - Explore CALPOL®'s product range suitable for children under 1 year of age that can help soothe and relieve the symptoms of Pain & Fever, Congestions & Coughs.

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