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Cascadian Therapeutics - Cascadian Therapeutics is a biotechnology company dedicated to the development of oncology products that can improve the lives and outcomes of cancer patients.

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  • Brad Weaver - Started out fine, now it's a a useless pile of hot garbage

    I wanted to love this device so much. I backed it on Kickstarter and waited oh so patiently through delay after delay. The first one I received was completely bricked, it never connected, and they sent me another one within a week. I wasn't happy about it, but I chalked it up to the volume of problems I'm sure they had at initial shipping. When I finally got it, it worked OK for a little while, though I found it far slower than any other device of comparable power. I went back to my Airport Extreme, my C9, and my Nighthawk to see if it was Comcast instead of the Almond+. After months and months of trying to work with this thing, it has just gone to crap. I'm finally going back to another one of my cheaper and better routers permanently and selling the Almond+. From dropping 5Ghz, to failing to find and connect with Nest, WeMo, LG and Samsung TVs, and rarely actually connecting to my iPhones, it's just time to throw this thing out and consider myself duped by the lure of Kickstarter electronics yet again. DO NOT BUY this thing, it is in NO WAY worth the price or the hassle.

  • jeff tennis - Handy Tool

    As much as I like this tool, I wish it were slightly more powerful. Does fine on a typical suburban yard. Wish the pole extended a bit longer too.

  • kim henderson - confused!

    I'm on my second bottle of cellfood and I honestly can't say whether it's working or not.I'm am not sure what the cutoff time should be. I have surpassed the"detox" period as I have been on it for a few months. I can't say I have noticed anything different in my energy levels as so many people state in their reviews.I am confused when researching the honesty of the claims by the inventor- is/was it the same product as a drain cleaner?If it does what it claims(or what people are claiming), why did the inventor die of a long standing illness in his early 70's? My hair actually became quite brittle after taking it and I wrote to the company asking if it was a side effect. The reply was very helpful and he took time to write it(no, not a side effect he had heard of). So, I realized I was not taking the actual dose suggested, and upped the dose(hair got better).Again,knowing things take time to work,still on it, but I can't report anything!It also states it kills ecoli on contact, why isn't it everywhere and used in every hospital?

  • onehotmama - Get what you pay for?.....

    We received this promptly from Amazon, got it all set up with two sims 1 for work (att), one from Straight Talk (att), all was good setting up the apn, etc.. Beautiful device, seemingly well built and pretty responsive overall. Personally, a smart phone first and foremost should be a good phone, otherwise, you might as well just have a tablet with a data connection. Everyone I called, even from both sims, indicated my voice sounded "muffled" and I would have to repeat myself again and speak unnaturally louder to have the conversation. I tested my theory by making my voicemail from my new phone and then listen to it myself and also used the Google voice search function. My voicemail did indeed sound very low and muffled and the Google voice search function would not register it "heard" anything until I spoke/yelled uncomfortably louder into the microphone. I saw some other reviews here and other locations addressing this exact issue with no resolution available. I DO NOT fault the seller in this issue. I did not want to take a chance and get an identical "bad apple". So I ordered a different phone and see what comes from that