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    My small business employs about 25 people. We started using Peachtree/Sage products about 5 years ago. I would like to start by saying that I feel Sage 50 is a very good accounting package. Unfortunately, I am having a hard time with the trend the software market is taking. You no longer can purchase a software package and just use it for years until it is obsolete. Software companies are designing these products to essentially be expensive subscription services. When I first purchased Peachtree it was only a few hundred dollars and I was able to update the tax tables myself and use it for a few years before it became obsolete. Now, for the Sage 50 2013 version, Sage has taken away the ability to manually update the tax tables and you are forced to purchase the update and cutomer care package, (all in one). The update service for 2013-2014 is nearly $1200 which I guess in the big scheme of things isn't the end of the world, but you must now budget for it on an annual basis. You no longer own the software, if you do not choose to upgrade annually the software will become obsolete. MAKE NO MISTAKE THIS SOFTWARE WILL COST YOU OVER $1000 ANNUALLY TO USE.

  • grenouillefrançaise - Great buy and NOT a knock off

    This is the real deal. I recently bought a smaller tube from CVS, and I loved it so much I got the larger version from here. I read some reviews about this being a potential knock off and how this one is orange tinted instead of pearly white. Well I compared this one to the original Macademia from CVS and they are BOTH slightly orange and pearly tinted. The scent and consistency are the EXACT same in both products. Perhaps a few people actually got knock offs, but I sure didn't, and I'm very happy with my purchase!!

  • Lakeisha Garrett - Perfect Brush Set

    LOVE THEM!! I am always searching for brush that are easy to use and soft for my face. I have bought several brushes in the past before. The cheap ones and the expensive ones as well. I have found that my favorite brushes to use so far have been the ELF product brushes. They are soft and they have every size you can think of. I have received this product at a discounted price for an honest biased review. These Premium Synthetic Kabuki Makeup Brush Set are amazing! I love them because they are so soft to my face and very easy to clean. The set has 10 different brushes. I named them all below: