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  • Ethan's Dad - Fantastic!

    Works like the new ones that came with the car. Directions seemed like a joke, but they worked exactly as written... Very happy with purchase.

  • R. Whiteman - Great.

    This combo set was great in that you not only get to hear the trio, but you get to see them put down vocal harmonies that are truly special. I'd recommend this to any CSN fan.

  • Amazon Customer - Windows 10 users beware! After install/application of upgrades of ...

    Windows 10 users beware! After install/application of upgrades of Nero 2016, I was instructed to restart my computer. It would not restart! The computer would also not recover to prior recovery points. I had to reinstall Windows 10, Office, and all other applications. Lost some customer data, but was able to recover from backups to other computer on the LAN. Will not be reinstalling this.

  • Mike - Impossible to clean

    Bought two set, one for my Pick Up and one for my Mustang. The order form asked what cars they were going in. The Mustang set didn't fit (no hole) and are really hard to clean and the pick up set fits good but are impossible to clean. Always dirt left even using a power washer. I would have been better of with a cheap set for $20 instead of over a $100.00. Oh well live and learn.

  • critique - People, it actually works !!!!!

    Hello there. Well, honestly, I have always been told that none of the toothpastes can whiten your teeth, Ever!!!. I purchased a tester of this after reading an article in Men;s Health. After a week i saw no results and was going to throw it away, but!!!!!! after 2 weeks or so I noticed that my teeth became whiter noticeably. My gumline was always yellower than the rest of the teeth, even though i used whitening strips. But this tooth paste made them evenly whiter. Now i am gonna finish my strips and buy a regular size of this. I am not sure if the paste or the booster works the miracles, but i would buy both. Happy teeth!!!

  • bh021552 - Good book; Kindle app is [Edit: Getting better]

    The Guide has been quite helpful in planning my trip to Iceland. My critique is for the Kindle app: if you want to be able to read the maps, buy the book. The app currently has no zoom function and the maps are almost useless without it. (I sent a note to Kindle about this and they were quite responsive. Hopefully zoom will be added soon.) [Edit: I just noticed today (August 2016) that Kindle has added a zoom feature now. It's a bit clunky but is effective.]

  • sally smith - I never thought I could love a vacuum again

    In my younger days, I cleaned houses for a living. I loved my Eureka upright and no one could tell me anything different. Hoover - forget it! The 200 pound Kirby - not a chance! My love for Eureka knew no bounds. I could even repair it myself, changing bags, or belts, no worries!