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  • Thurm - Amplify that Signal and Make Your Day

    I read a lot of reviews about this. Here was my problem- Have cable and had ongoing issues with my provider. Put up a Hi-def antenna in the attic and get enough stations to keep me very happy. But I needed a better device for recording, so I picked Romeo/Tivo service. Running wireless and my upper rooms in house have only been able to receive Network connection speeds less than 55% measured by Tivo. I needed a very good amplifier to help enhance the signal. Bought Securifi Almond 15 Friday, received it Sat, but was having problems. Called tech support this afternoon, and the person walked me through everything I needed to do to improve my set-up. Had to load new software via my PC and wirelessly send to Almond- worked perfectly. Their web site and FAQs are excellent. And this Rep was able to completely impress me with his knowledge-level, and when all was done, my signal on Tivo went from 52-90%. I am back in business thanks to the Almond. They are an excellent Company- customer focused, and I am very glad I made this purchase.

  • Cynthia Pagan - ... Continuing to take a chewable multi vitamin is how good They taste

    The biggest factor in me Continuing to take a chewable multi vitamin is how good They taste. If They Have a chemical after taste, or just bad flavors are in general Usually I will stop taking them and Then They are worthless. These multi vitamins amazing taste so taking them everyday does not feel like a chore, but more as a pleasureful little treat. One is the Biotin supplement gummy Which is strawberry flavored, the other is a multi vitamin That is orange flavored. The orange multi vitamin is my favorite. The orange flavor is really really good, the strawberry is OK, a little more of a dull flavor, but strong citrus flavor That really taste like a candy. They are made naturally flavors and colors With.

  • JordanBakerSays - Miles better than what I expected

    I've tried lots of FM Transmitters over the past 10-12 years. They're usually underwhelming or straight-up disappointing. This one was a pleasant surprise.

  • Amazon Customer - Its alright. There's a handle for you to carry ...

    Its alright. There's a handle for you to carry the box at the top, but then, there's nothing to hold the top part to the bottom part. So if you try lifting the box up by the top handle, the top part will come right off. Kinda silly

  • GraveDigger - Sony PlatStation Gun is worthless for Cabela's Big Game Hunter

    I have found this to be the same, the game is very good, but the gun does not work. This was not well thought out, or designed. I also cannot believe Sony would put this out for sale; they should have given it away. My son loves hunting games, and with a gun they are great, the guns we have for the WII are wonderful, Sony what happened to your quality? Very disappointed in this product. Spent hours trying to calibrate, what a joke, never worked and just started using the regular controller.

  • beesting - Broken pulley

    I like the chair. Unfortunately it arrived with a broken pulley. We contacted the seller and they said they would replace it so we disposed of the packing material. They didn't send a new pulley, so we called again. Once again a new pulley was promised and never sent. Amazons only answer was to return the entire chair. Really hard since we had disposed of the box. So we were left with a broken chair.