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Connect(X) Healthware | Integrated EHR - Medical Imaging - Billing - Connect(x) Healthware optimizes your clinical workflow by streamlining medical operations.

  • http://www.connectxhealthware.com/products Integrating the Clinical Environment - Connect(X) Healthware LLC - Integrated EMR, practice management, medical imaging, and billing and much more
  • http://www.connectxhealthware.com/component/content/article/143-connectx-has-partnered-with-medical-technology-insight-to-provide-custom-dragon-medical-voice-recognition-integration-implementation-and-training Connect(x) has partnered with Medical Technology Insight Providing Custom Dragon VR. - Connect(x) Healthware has partnered with Medical Technology Insight to provide custom Dragon Medical voice recognition integration, implementation and training.

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  • Steve Gates - Office for Mac 2011 is a MUST UPGRADE from 2008

    The improvements over Office 2008 are incredible. The Visual Basic toolbox is back, allowing many more functions (for example, a proper equation editor- essential for engineers).

  • Phin W. Sappenfield - loved 'em; however

    It has proved ideal for my needs. Wanted to breath life back into my detached garage. Once completed inside I turned to the exterior and its severe peeling paint. Found no indication of lead paint using a test kit. Watched YouTube videos trying to deal with my situation ... loved 'em; however, I was please neither with the quality nor the speed of my efforts. I chose the DeWalt DWE4011 angle grinder because it was powerful, but not that powerful and not too heavy (I'm 73 and never was the man I use to be). I've had good success with 3M 4 1/2" clean-n-strip disc, #9681. Not too loud, but one doesn't want to forget a good quality mask and eye protection.

  • Dave-in-PC - Good for the price

    Seems to work pretty well, and for the price, a better option than some of the other big name items out there. Doesn't seem to keep ice as long as I would expect, my inexpensive "Alladin" insulated plastic mugs seem to do just as good for keeping things cool... BUT these are a lot more attractive to carry a drink in, rather than something a kid would be carrying. Perfect? Nope.... good for the price, yep.