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Home » COORDINARE - South Eastern NSW PHN - As the South Eastern NSW PHN, COORDINARE will be working in collaboration with local health providers to focus on the flow of people across the whole health system, from being well and living independently through to those at the end of their lives.

  • http://www.coordinare.org.au/commissioning/ Commissioning » COORDINARE - South Eastern NSW PHN - COORDINARE, as the South Eastern NSW PHN, does not deliver health services but is responsible for commissioning services.

    Country:, Oceania, AU

    City: 151.1982 New South Wales, Australia

  • jscny - It worked because it is science. It worked since 2008 and until now, 2013

    My friend was quoted with $1500 repair for a blown head gasket on her 97 Ford Windstar. She decided to donate the van but before she did that she gave me a call and asked me if I want to take her van for nothing because she thought that I am an Automotive Mechanic and perhaps I would be able to fix the van and use it instead of donating a vehicle with bad engine (Blown Head Gasket). At first I was hesitant to take her offer knowing that it would be a big job that calls for lots of money and time. My friend insisted that I take her van so I can look at it whenever I am ready and give her a second opinion if it was really a bad head gasket. I took the van and while I was driving home I noticed the engine started to show signs of problem ahead and so I kept driving until the engine started to misfire but to make the story short. I was able to arrive home and did my tests and confirmed it was a leaking Head Gasket and coolant leaking pass the intake gasket into the intake manifold. White smoke constantly was coming out of the tail pipe and engine starts to misfire every time it reached high temperature. I came across with this product as I was buying some parts in a an Automotive Parts store and my eye was glued on something with much interest looking at this bottle of Bar's Leak that says: Head Gasket Fix! I remember the van. I gave this bottle a try and since then (2008) the van is still registered and running with no over heating, white smoke or misfire. This product worked for me and I called my friend and told her if she wanted her van back because I had fixed the problem but she already bought a new one. She was happy to hear that I have fixed the problem and couldn't believe I fixed the problem without changing the Head Gasket. The vehicle still runs well and no symptoms of any misfire due to coolant leaking into the intake manifold and no white smoke caused by blown head gasket! As an Automotive Technician, tools are very important but time is the most valuable tool in doing my job to make good money. Tearing a part on an engine with blown head gasket is costly, time-consuming and sometimes not a 100% successful and usually does not yield satisfactory outcome because it is just like opening up a can of worms that makes it the more costly. This vehicle is on its way to be donated or worse to a junkyard but for $20.00 it still is running until now. The risk was extremely low but the reward was really great! I did not spend hours or even an hour or hundreds of $$$$ to fix a big problem. Changing the Head Gasket would have been the other way around for sure.

  • Jennifer Smith - 2011 Girlfriends Calendar

    This is a very nice calendar. Love the art, the uplifting words, and the history lesson provided on most of the days of the month. Great product. I will purchase again.