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  • Loraine H. McKeever - I used to teach short stories to high schoolers many ...

    I used to teach short stories to high schoolers many years ago! I would have never offered this book as an example of the "best" short stories in America! I kept waiting for an exciting or at least an interesting ending. It never happened!

  • Thorne Hamstring - If You Want Unsolicited Porn Sent To Your Personal Email Do Install This Product

    I finally got around to installing this. I created an account on their site with my email address. Avast was supposed to send a confirming email that let me finalize my registration/account. It did not arrive. However, in the early morning hours of the next morning I received unsolicited email from porn sites/ porn personals from Russia, including the .ru in the email address. Great. Now I'll likely have to dump a perfectly good email address if this keeps up. These folks are in the Czech Republic, as in part of the former Communist Block. Why does anyone want to let these folks guard a computer. Really.

  • techie101 - Good Game That Needs Some Work

    A few bugs kept this game from being amazing. After shots on goal the game stutters. The AI does some dumb stuff: COM teammates stealing the ball from you if you move towards them, getting in the way of your shots. Despite these issues, it's still a more fun, more rewarding experience than FIFA 14.

  • pepper - Garbage product

    I was only looking for a way to monitor four cameras. I had no need for recording or any of the other claims this product was supposed to perform. I am very computer oriented so I thought if there's a way I would be able to figure it out. I took a chance and crapped out. I never did get it working and was unable to find software that would drive it. The disc supplied was absolutely useless. I guess that's the reason they only cost $8. If anyone out there finds out how to get this device to work please post it for the rest of us to follow. For all those on the fence about buying it, STAY AWAY!!