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Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors are Cosmetic Surgery Claims Specialists - Cosmetic Surgery Solicitors are claims specialists when cosmetic procedures have gone wrong. We work on a No win no fee basis for cosmetic negligence claims.

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  • rbanks - beware

    I read so many reviews that LOVED this product- So many people claim to have lost weight etc. I am so disappointed with this product and wish I could get my money back. First of all- they claim that it is delicious. Not true. I am not a picky eater- there is not much i do not like, but this stuff was tough to get down. Secondly, it gave me horrendous stomach cramps and stomach issues that took me over 3 weeks to heal after stopping all use of the product. Thirdly- it did absolutely nothing for my weight/inches loss. I followed the regime perfectly. Shake for breakfast, lunch, light meal in the early evening. I work out everyday with a trainer. There was no cheating - I was totally committed. I find that just eating a balanced diet with lots of veggies and proteins with some complex carbs here and there WAY more effective.

  • galgrek - Don't count on their online resources!

    The book itself is fine. However, I cannot access online resources. I've been trying to do it for couple month with no result. I often canon even log in. I complained to customer support, they kicked me to tech cup port and I haven't heard from them at all. Seems like they are pushing their non online classes. I'm pretty pissed.

  • Martin A. Sala - One of the Best Optics Books I've Found!

    One of the best general-purpose texts I've seen on optics; all the math and a lot of practical applications as well. If you are a not fluent in the science and math, this text is probably beyond you; if you use this stuff in your everyday life and can deal with physics-level math - EXCELLENT!

  • Tades J. - Great Official FIVB Ball

    This ball is just great. The trajectory when you hit it is stable, doesn't shank and the leather is different in a good way. It's not the official FIVB volleyball for nothing. I love the color swirl marks, very visible.

  • lm2m - Fun!

    I'm a complete newbie to any video games, so I find this to be fun and no real complaints. I like the 20 and 40 minute work outs as well as the singing feature, which came in quite handy when I sprained my ankle recently so while I couldn't dance, I was able to blast out tunes, which drove my kids away so I had some nice time to myself. Coulda/shoulda they have more and more recent songs - absolutely, but I'm inclined to be more charitable since they did include Troublemaker.

  • Amazon Customer - Should be cheaper

    I rec'd this item from Spigen and in return i suppose to write a review on it. I have had now 4 different spigen cases (note 4, s5, note 5, and now the s7 edge). I am very impressed with the quality of product they have. When i came across the promotion for a free case i jumped on it! This case is a very good case in my opinion. Seems have good quality leather, the cut outs are perfectly placed with plenty of room for the plugs to fit, the magnet is strong, and the money and card holder are good too! The cut out on the front to allow you to still hear the call with the cover closed is great too! The reason for not giving 4 or 5 stars is this: i purchased a different case made by a different manufacture for my mothers s7 edge and it came in multiple colors and was a lot cheaper in price. The retail price for the spigen case is 24.99 and the mazon price is 16.99. I paid 8.99 for the competitors case and the only difference is, the 8.99 case doesnt have the cut out on the cover of the case to listen to phone calls while it is closed. The quality is the same and the other company has multiple colors (7 to choose from). So im not saying i wouldnt recommend the spigen case, i guess what i am suggesting is spigen should make more colors and drop the price.

  • Amazon Customer - DO NOT BUY THIS.

    Please do not buy this absolute piece of garbage. Started having battery/motherboard issues within the first few months that i have had it, been fighting with it nearly every week since (over a year now), For the cherry on the s*** sundae; Alienware/Dell customer support is a complete joke, just don't do it.