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Cranford Hospice Hawke's Bay • Cranford Hospice - Cranford Hospice is Hawke's Bay's leading palliative care provider. Our goal is to help people with a terminal illness make the most of their lives, to live every moment in whatever way is important to them.

  • http://www.cranfordhospice.org.nz/cranford/about/ Cranford Hospice • About Us - Cranford Hospice started in Hawke's Bay in 1982 with a handful of volunteers. Today we have around 60 paid staff, 400 volunteers and every year we care for 600 patients and their families.
  • http://www.cranfordhospice.org.nz/cranford/help-cranford/ Cranford Hospice • dontation or volunteer work - Cranford Hospice changes lives for the better and there are many ways you can support us with our work. Donating or volunteering are popular ways
  • http://www.cranfordhospice.org.nz/cranford/health-professionals/ Cranford Hospice • Health Professionals - Cranford Hospice provides educational resources, programmes and advice for palliative and cancer care health professionals
  • http://www.cranfordhospice.org.nz/cranford/patients-and-carers/ Cranford Hospice • Services for patients and carers - Whether you are a patient or a carer, you are not alone. Cranford Hospice, Hawke's Bay's leading palliative care provider, is here to help you, wherever you are on your journey.
  • http://www.cranfordhospice.org.nz/cranford/contact/ Cranford Hospice • Contact us - If you would like more information, please contact Cranford Hospice using the form below.
  • http://www.cranfordhospice.org.nz/cranford/help-cranford/donate/ Cranford Hospice • Make a donation to Cranford Hospice - We make it easy for you to donate to Cranford Hospice. Make a donation right now with your credit card and see how your much appreciated charity provides a valuable service in the community for those who need it.
  • http://www.cranfordhospice.org.nz/cranford/about/our-services/day-hospice Cranford Hospice • Living Well Day Hospice | Cranford Hospice - Living Every Moment is a motto of the Hospice. Our goal is to help people make the most of every day.
  • http://www.cranfordhospice.org.nz/cranford/about/our-services/index.htm Cranford Hospice • Our Services - At any one time in Hawke's Bay, Cranford Hospice clinical support staff provide palliative care to approximately 130 to 160 patients in their own homes, hospital or in a residential care facility.
  • http://www.cranfordhospice.org.nz/cranford/help-cranford/volunteers/index.htm Cranford Hospice • Volunteering At Cranford Hospice - Volunteers help in our Cranford shops, at the hospice and with fundraising events in our wider community. Contact us or download the Volunteer application form from the Cranford Hospice Website
  • http://www.cranfordhospice.org.nz/cranford/health-professionals/education-and-resources/index.htm Cranford Hospice • education and resources - The Hawke's Bay Palliative Care Education Service is guided and supported in its work by the specialist care clinical leaders at Cranford Hospice and the Hawke's Bay District Health Board.
  • http://www.cranfordhospice.org.nz/cranford/help-cranford/memory-tree/index.htm Cranford Hospice • Donate - Kowhai Memory Tree - The Cranford Hospice Memory Tree is a beautiful way to remember loved ones. A small donation will see one you lost remembered with a digital representation of the Kowhai Memory Tree.
  • http://www.cranfordhospice.org.nz/cranford/privacy-policy/ Cranford Hospice • Privacy Policy - Cranford Hospice is concerned about protecting your privacy. We are committed to honouring the privacy of visitors to our website
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  • R. Obi - Took it back after a few hours of googling calibration issue.

    Calibration was really bad! I have been chasing elk for 30 years. But this is a game! I Didnt expect anything more. Other sites people have said nothing like hunting. If its hunting you want? Get out & do it. The gun was next to impossible to calibrate. Took it back with in a few hours. I went & bought the Cabela's Big Game Hunter: Hunting Party for my Xbox Kinect. Calibration was more involved than Wii game.

  • Mommy's Dressing Room - Household staple, best for dry lips and sore throats.

    This has cured everything in my household from dry cracked lips, to congested chests and sore throats to and random rashes. My mom used to use this on us as kids and she was so protect of it and I didn't understand the big deal, now that I have kids I keep at least 2 cans in my house at all times.

  • Tami P - I've lost 9.2 lbs. in two weeks

    I started the plan on Monday, Jan. 4, 2010. When I received the book I didn't have time to read through it completely and plan/shop for the week so I just jumped in. My starting weight was 182.4 and I am 5'5". I kept track of my sugars/carbs all week and wrote down what I ate/drank using the sheet in the book. At day 4 I was down 8 lbs. but then I ate some fast food items that were listed in the book but I ate too many of them and did so for a few days so I ended up gaining 2 lbs back. I think had I stuck to the plan properly all week I would have lost close to 10 lbs., but I am happy with the 6 lbs. I lost. This was my own fault because I didn't have time to plan and just wanted to get started, but I do think I can follow and stick to this plan easily. I read the new reviews each day and only tried to pay attention to the positive ones, thank you to those people that wrote them, they are encouraging & inspiring!

  • Tomor - Better options out there

    Not impressed unfortunately.. The nutrition profile is actually pretty decent for a protein bar, but this tastes like any other protein bar: thick, chewy, hard, tastes artificial... The bar sticks to the wrapper so it's actually a little difficult opening it. The chocolate chips do taste pretty good though. Honestly, I would not recommend this protein bar as there are better options out there. The only way I'd eat these is if I got them for free in a different flavor.

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  • K. Johnston - Easy to adjust for best workout

    I researched ellipticals, checked ratings, and tried out several models. The Sole E35 was a little pricey, but so far well worth the $$. Took me the better part of an afternoon and evening to assemble. Not a bad experience since I know all the bolts and jointed areas that might later loosen and squeek (which WILL occur over years of usage regardless of the manufacturer/model). Good variety of programs and easy to personalize with buttons on the hand grips. I'm reserving a 5-start rating since I've owned it less than 6 months.

  • dolphinlover77 - I use it for Java coding and so far so good.

    I love it and it's pretty fast too. I bought this for school and won't really use it for anything else. I use it for light coding projects. A few tips to help you decide if you're on the fence about purchasing this laptop. You get 1 year warranty in case something happens and this laptop can be upgraded. Other laptops in the price range of 150-200 can't be upgraded but this one can. If you do any upgrades I would wait until the one year warranty expires.