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  • Scott - Great Fog Lights!

    Fog light review. Easy install simple plug and play. I did order the Antiflicker harness with these and didn't hook it up at first but they flickered. The harness took care of that. It's only been a week but so far so good. These lights a very bright and blow away the stock ones. I didn't have any problems with adjusting them, although I only had to make a slight adjustment.

  • Mary Ann Woodbury - Two years in a row I have had problems with ...

    Two years in a row I have had problems with completing installation. It does not update the expiration date nor are there any instructions on what to do. Each time I had to go through multiple contacts with Kaspersky. This week it took three days and I was without any protection for 2 of those. As I said same problem when I renewed last year. I also am very angry that you cannot purchase this product without agreeing to auto-renewal. Again multiple contacts to accomplish it. Same problem last year when I tried to purchase online and in a local store; both required agreeing to auto-renewal to install. Not only will I not auto-renew, but I will not "auto buy" again. Problems at purchase are just not worth the aggravation. Tried to logon and their site would not recognize my password or my email (same email for last 10 years).

  • Gary DeLozier - I paid like 280 bucks so my expectations were not that high

    I paid like 280 bucks so my expectations were not that high. I am so far very impressed with the unit, it has far exceeded my expectations.

  • Ryan Frizzell - Great cycling shoes for wide feet

    It's hard to find wide cycling shoes...that being said, I've put 300 miles on these guys and I love them. Shoes fit fantastic, I'm ~ 11.5 and am in a 46E. Love them.

  • Amazon Customer - Interesting Theories

    Very interesting info, covering a lot of pagan rituals, origins and theories. At times it appeared the author may be trying to indoctrinate the readers into pagan beliefs. So the reader needs to keep in mind the author is really supporting and promoting Christianity. He is simply pointing out the many ways and belief systems the rest of the uninformed world is mislead by, lost in, or confused by. Seems a very well researched book, with many surprising points.

  • The Truth - Flawless for migration of system to different hard disk

    I needed software to accomplish a simple task: migrate my entire system (running Windows XP) from a smaller hard disk to a new, larger one. True Image accomplished this task with about three clicks of the mouse. All I had to do was make sure that the new drive was higher in the boot priority list of my BIOS settings. The system booted up on the new drive on the first try and has been running perfectly since. I can't and won't speak to the backup features of this software because they're not important to me. I backup my data using various cloud services. But, if all you need to create or migrate an image of your hard disk, it's a good solution.

  • Genevieve Wyatt - good antivirus program

    I had this program on another computer which need to be fix after a crash. The program did a fine job for the price which was cheaper than other antivirus program. I buy another McAfee antivirus program for this computer at Walmart during their Black Friday sale.