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Leading Arizona Drug & Alcohol Rehab | Decision Point Center - Decision Point Center provides exceptional alcohol and drug rehab, detox, inpatient & outpatient treatment for drug & alcohol addiction. Locations in Prescott & Scottsdale, AZ

  • https://www.decisionpointcenter.com/drug-alcohol-addiction-treatment-approach A Contemporary View of Drug & Alcohol Addiction & Misuse - Decision Point Center’s contemporary view of drug and alcohol addiction & misuse is shared by the world’s leading drug addiction treatment researchers and clinicians.
  • https://www.decisionpointcenter.com/drug-alcohol-addiction-treatment-approach/addiction-vs-misuse The Difference Between Addiction & Substance Use Disorder | Decision Point Center - The ability to distinguish between and diagnose addiction or substance use disorder is critical to providing accurate drug and alcohol treatment and recovery.
  • https://www.decisionpointcenter.com/drug-alcohol-addiction-treatment-approach/treating-adults-18-34 Treatment & Rehab Programs for Young Adults |Decision Point Center - State-of-the-art drug and alcohol addiction and substance misuse treatment at Decision Point Center is oriented toward meeting the needs of clients, young adults aged 18-34. Rehab programs located in Arizona.
  • https://www.decisionpointcenter.com/approach/adults-34-older Addiction Treatment for Adults 34 & Older - Decision Point provides complete age-specific drug and alcohol addiction treatment. This program is for adults 34 and older.
  • https://www.decisionpointcenter.com/drug-alcohol-rehab-programs/15-day-assessment 15-Day Drug & Alcohol Evaluation and Assessment | Decision Point Center - A 15-day substance abuse assessment allows us to evaluate our client’s condition, needs, past treatment experience, physical state and family history.
  • https://www.decisionpointcenter.com/drug-alcohol-rehab-programs/45-day-residential-addiction-treatment 45-Day Residential Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab | Decision Point Center - Our 45-day inpatient substance abuse and addiction treatment involves a combination of behavioral and holistic therapies designed to achieve rehabilitation and cessation from alcohol and drugs.
  • https://www.decisionpointcenter.com/drug-alcohol-rehab-programs/90-day-residential-addiction-treatment Long Term Addiction Treatment | 90-Day Inpatient Rehab | Decision Point Center - Decision Point's 90-Day long term, immersive treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is an intensive rehabilitation program that expands upon our 45-day treatment.
  • https://www.decisionpointcenter.com/drug-alcohol-rehab-programs/medically-supervised-detox Drug & Alcohol Addiction Detox and Treatment | Decision Point Center - Decision Point provides drug and alcohol detoxification treatment at its clinics in Prescott Valley and Prescott, Arizona.
  • https://www.decisionpointcenter.com/drug-alcohol-treatment-therapies Drug Addiction & Substance Abuse Therapy | Decision Point Center - Addiction therapy for both drugs and alcohol include cutting-edge clinical and holistic approaches that work. Substance abuse therapies are available in either Scottsdale or Prescott, Arizona.
  • https://www.decisionpointcenter.com/therapies/anger-management Anger Management Therapy | Decision Point Center - Many times it is anger that will fuel addiction. The anger management therapy groups at Decision Point Center benefit clients by teaching them to recognize the warning signs of oncoming anger and use calming techniques to deal with those situations in a positive manner. Anger management therapy teaches clients how to live a healthy and productive life by offering the necessary tools to effectively manage anger. Anger is normal and is considered healthy but only when one knows how to properly express and manage it. This is what anger management teaches.
  • https://www.decisionpointcenter.com/drug-alcohol-treatment-therapies/cognitive-behavioral-therapy Cognitive Behavioral Therapy | Decision Point Center - Healthy thinking leads to healthy behavior. Decision Point Center’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is based on the theory that internal factors such as thoughts and feelings cause certain behaviors as opposed to external people, things or situations. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works to help modify the way that each client thinks, feels, and acts in a positive way even when the influences around them remain negative.
  • https://www.decisionpointcenter.com/drug-alcohol-treatment-therapies/life-skills-development Life Skills Therapy - Life skills training including self-care, nutrition, financial literacy, educational consulting and job placement
  • https://www.decisionpointcenter.com/drug-alcohol-treatment-therapies/family-workshop Family Therapy and Workshops for Substance Use Disorder Treatment - Family Therapy and Workshops to educate family members and involve them in the substance misuse treatment process
  • https://www.decisionpointcenter.com/drug-alcohol-treatment-therapies/relapse-prevention Addiction Relapse Prevention Program | Decision Point Center - Decision Point Center offers a Relapse Prevention Program that explores possible triggers for addiction and substance (drug and or alcohol) use disorder in group settings.
  • https://www.decisionpointcenter.com/drug-alcohol-treatment-therapies/outdoor-therapy-program Outdoor Therapy Program | Decision Point Center - Decision Point offers a unique Outdoor Therapy Program where clients can learn new skills that will greatly benefit them when moving forward in their recovery process. This program helps clients build confidence, experience the joy of competence and achievement, and apply those lessons to their recovery.
  • https://www.decisionpointcenter.com/drug-alcohol-treatment-therapies/trauma-therapy Trauma Therapy for Substance Use Disorder Treatment | Decision Point | AZ - Addressing trauma from abuse, PTSD and more through EMDR therapy is critical to treating addiction and substance use disorder.
  • https://www.decisionpointcenter.com/therapies/equine-therapy Equine Therapy - Working with Horses to Learn About Ourselves | Decision Point | AZ - Equine therapy provides people in addiction and misuse treatment to learn about themselves by interacting with sensitive horses.
  • https://www.decisionpointcenter.com/admissions/verify-insurance Verify Insurance | Decision Point Center - Please complete the form below and a Decision Point Center Admissions Specialist will quickly ascertain the extent of your coverage and provide you with that information. We are unable to accept Medicare, Medcaid, AHCCCS or TriCare.
  • https://www.decisionpointcenter.com/admissions-info/online-self-assessment Addiction Self-Assessment | Online Tests | Decision Point Center - Decision Point Center's self-assessment tests have been developed to assist you in understanding if you might have a problem with drug abuse or alcohol addiction.
  • https://www.decisionpointcenter.com/about-decision-point-center-drug-alcohol-rehab About Decision Point Center | Decision Point Center - Decision Point Center is a licensed drug and alcohol addiction and substance use disorder treatment facility with locations in Prescott, Prescott Valley and Scottsdale, AZ. Using a combination of modern techniques for the successful rehabilitation of our clients, we provide a safe, secure environment for those afflicted with addiction to learn how to get sober and stay sober.  (Watch our overview video below...)
  • https://www.decisionpointcenter.com/about-decision-point-center-drug-alcohol-rehab/decision-point-history The Decision Point Story | Decision Point Center - Decision Point Center is in the midst of transformational change. Since the Center’s founding in 2002, its mission of helping men and women overcome the challenges of addiction to drugs and alcohol and substance use disorder has remained the same.
  • https://www.decisionpointcenter.com/about-decision-point-center-drug-alcohol-rehab/leadership-team Leadership Team | Decision Point Center - Nothing speaks more about a company than its staff. This is why at Decision Point Center we have employed only the finest and most qualified rehab specialists available. Our staff consists of only caring, compassionate, highly skilled, and remarkable individuals. Each person on our staff contributes immensely to the recovery of each client that partakes in our program. Together, our staff has years of experience in the field of addiction and possesses diverse talent that only adds to our expertise.
  • https://www.decisionpointcenter.com/about-decision-point-center-drug-alcohol-rehab/photo-tour Decision Point Photo Tour | Decision Point Center - Take a Virtul Tour of Our Drug Rehab Facility Our clients enjoy the conveniences of apartment-style living in an atmosphere that encourages healing, safety and personal growth. For a personal tour of our rehab facility, contact us confidentially at 877-778-3648.
  • https://www.decisionpointcenter.com/watch-our-videos Our Videos | Decision Point Center - An Overview of Treatment at Decision Point Center About Our Failure to Launch Program About Our Alumni Program

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