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  • Kirsten C. - I LOVE my Haan!! For people SERIOUS about healthy cleaning!

    I absolutely LOVE my steam cleaner!! It is so easy to use and it does a great job of cleaning. I researched steam cleaners for almost a year (I'm very thorough, and indecisive) so I really think this one is the BEST for its price range. The 2-in-1 steam cleaner is both a floor and handheld cleaner and it comes with 2 microfiber floor pads, 1 carpet sanitizing attachment, 1 microfiber handheld sock, 1 handheld grout cleaner, 1 handheld scrub brush, and 1 pad to sit you cleaner on while it heats up and cools down. It also comes with a couple of machine cleaning packets that clean the mineral build up in your machine.

  • rustberg - The perfect travel book for slightly insecure American tourist

    Rick Steve's book on Rome 2012 was by far the best travel book I brought along. Information was easy to find--such as key phrases to just get around. The tone is one of good natured humor mixed with good solid advice. It never speaks down to the reader, but consistently builds admiration, patience, and pure enjoyment of Rome and Romans. For instance, I found it so helpful that right off the bat it says that Americans either love or hate Rome, depending to the extent they bring their local expectations with them. That was absolutely true. Once I let go my personal concept of courtesy, how to stand in line, how to drive properly, (and even how to friggin' name your streets!), everything became magical. The book really encourages adopting basic Italian phrases and makes it plain fun and simple. And true to its point, I did find Italians warmed to my attempts and were eager to meet me more than half way. The bottom line is that the book helps open the door that we all want to go through anyway--that's why we're traveling to Rome in the first place! While visiting the Palatine ruins, I accidentally left my Rick Steves book on a bench when I went to take a picture. I remembered it 5 minutes later and the book was gone. Hopefully helping other American tourists enjoy one of the most incredible cities on earth.

  • Ayon25 - Very very good album. It's different than most of their other ...

    Very very good album. It's different than most of their other work, so if you are expecting the same as Native, this is not it. I love the diversity with the tracks and the sounds they experimented with, lots of hits! I would say this is their best body of work to date.

  • Gennatay - The Millennials Guide to Life and Social Media

    I really wanted to love this book. I preordered based on all the great reviews I'd seen about it on social media. I also follow Luvvie on twitter and wanted to support. This book has some really funny moments and speaks the truth on many issues. However, the writing style in the book had me struggling to finish. It reads like a really long twitter rant/blog post. The author starts a topic with an example, uses another example (that may or may not be related) in the middle of the thought and comes back to her original example at the end. It's almost like she wanted to use a meme in the middle of the chapter, but couldn't, so she decided to write out the meme instead. I finished the book, I liked the book but struggled throughout.

  • Amazon Customer - Thermometer

    I ordered the forehead thermometer and I love using it. I have always felt like it was so unfair to try to take temperatures of little ones when they were already sick and feeling bad. This thermometer is so much easier to use and less stressful trying to fight the little ones to get their temperature. I currently have five grandchildren and I am expecting a granddaughter in March. Therefore, having a thermometer like this on hand is a very convenient and helpful. The product description is:

  • Eklectic - No Cancellation Policy Adds Insult to Injury.

    I made the mistake of ordering this product after seeing it on TV without first doing my homework and checking consumer reviews. After all, how bad could a simple cooking appliance be - right? Well, after reading the reviews on Amazon and the scores of BBB warnings throughout the 50 states, I was shocked that this company was still in business and advertising., I tried to cancel the phone order within 2 hours of placing it. According to them, they will not accept cancellations if you authorize them to process your order within 24 hours instead of the 3-5 day normal processing. I had never heard of such a thing! What a scam. In addition to the BBB, I plan to contact the Federal Trade Commission, the Consumer Protection Agency and my state Attorney General on this company.