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  • Steve Holmes - It Did Not Work For Me

    At a somewhat regular dosage of 2 to 4 per day (2 morning + 2 evening) it did not work at all for me. So if you take the maximum amount of 12 per day, as recommended, the bottle would last only about 8 days. Meaning, you would have to purchase 4 bottles to last one month. And that would be extremely expensive, at $68 per month. It would be better to just eat more fiber; especially since it did absolutely nothing at a lower dosage rate.

  • cdstaggs - Disappointing

    Very disappointed. I was excited to try these bags since they had the portable vacuum, which would make my weekly packing easier. However, after trying all the bags only 3 of the 15 bags hold their seal. The others re-inflate in 30 minutes to a couple of hours. And, unfortunately not all of the bags have the valves to take advantage of the vacuum.

  • Sara Orton - XL = short and wide

    I ordered an XL because i know sizes tend to run small. It fits pretty well in the arms, but its too short in the waist. Short and wide. The shirt did not come with any sort of new tags, doesnt fit properly in the front. I bought it for a work shirt, but im sure it will just stay in my closet. I really dont know what body type this shirt is made for, but disappointed in the end

  • Derek Hunter - Bar's Leaks 1111 did not work on my 2003 Honda Civic

    I have a 2003 Honda Civic EX that developed a head gasket leak that allowed combustion gases to bubble into the cooling system, causing the engine to overheat. After flushing the radiator, having it pressure tested, replacing the thermostat and ECT sensor, and testing the water pump and radiator fans, the conclusion was that a head gasket leak was preventing proper circulation of the antifreeze. I added the Bar's product in incremental amounts (1.5 -- 2 ounces every 3 minutes) so as not to clog the radiator. I followed the instructions to the letter, allowing the engine to cool overnight before driving the car. The car did not overheat for two weeks, so I thought this stuff had worked. Two weeks to the day, however, the temperature needle began creeping up to the "H" again. My next step is to drain the radiator and try the Blue Devil product before biting the bullet for a new head gasket. I cannot endorse the Bar's Leaks 1111 product.

  • GilmoreGirl - Mostly fluff and conjecture

    I was very disappointed while reading this book. It starts out laying out all of the information from the beginning of time to the present day of antichrist legends, but as the chapters go on they start repeating themselves. I thought it was a problem with my kindle copy, but after browsing a physical copy at the store it became obvious that entire pages of earlier chapters were cut and pasted into later chapters as filler. By the end there is no new information, nor any answers to the questions the book claims to answer. You'd be better off googling the information for free than buy this book.

  • Dennis G. Peck - Free game not really

    This game is very fun to play but hold on to your Wallet. Early in the games the levels are challenging but doable, as you proceed to new locales unless you buy items you can't get enough points to beat certain levels. Free Games are hardly FREE.