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EAS | Introduction - Index - Welcome to this online tutorial on the dietary management of dyslipidemias, as an important part in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Features the latest guidelines and practical advice.

  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/cvd_risk EAS | Cvd Risk - Index - The economic burden of cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular disease risk factors.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/cvd_risk/measure_risk EAS | Cvd Risk - Measure Risk - Lowering total and LDL-cholesterol levels is the key therapeutic target for reducing CVD risk. This is a central target in the prevention of CVD along with diet, other lifestyle changes and drug therapies.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/cvd_risk/modifiable_risk EAS | Cvd Risk - Modifiable Risk - Other modifiable risk factors of cardiovascular disease include atherogenic lipid triad, blood pressure, obesity and diabetes.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/cvd_risk/risk_assesment EAS | Cvd Risk - Risk Assesment - Current ways to measure cardiovascular risk include the SCORE risk chart, the Framingham system and the JBS heart age risk calculator.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/cvd_risk/prevention EAS | Cvd Risk - Prevention - Cardiovascular disease is the result of a lifelong process and, as such, intervention strategies to reduce risk such as adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle should begin as early in life as possible.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/cvd_prevention EAS | Cvd Prevention - Index - Dietary modifications and lifestyle interventions make an important contribution to cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/cvd_prevention/dietary_patterns EAS | Cvd Prevention - Dietary Patterns - Specific dietary patterns are associated with a reduction of CVD risk, which are also favorable to manage dyslipidemia, particularly: The Mediterranean Diet, The Portfolio Diet and The Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension (DASH) Diet.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/cvd_prevention/med_diet EAS | Cvd Prevention - Med Diet - The Mediterranean diet may be considered as a “gold standard” eating pattern for CVD risk prevention as adherence to it favourably affects numerous CVD risk factors.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/cvd_prevention/portfolio EAS | Cvd Prevention - Portfolio - Plant foods that are high in dietary fibre, vegetable proteins and unsaturated fats alongside plant sterols in the daily diet is advantageous to improve an abnormal blood lipid profile.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/cvd_prevention/dash_diet EAS | Cvd Prevention - Dash Diet - The DASH diet is an eating plan primarily targeted to lower blood pressure and is also an effective nutritional strategy to prevent CVD.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/cvd_prevention/summary_recommendations EAS | Cvd Prevention - Summary Recommendations - A healthy diet can be achieved in multiple ways and preferably, with a wide combination of foods.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/dietary_fats EAS | Dietary Fats - Index - Diet and lifestyle interventions for CVD prevention include the effects of different types of dietary fats on blood cholesterol and the role of nuts and fish/fish oil in CVD prevention.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/dietary_fats/fatty_acids EAS | Dietary Fats - Fatty Acids - The role of saturated fatty acids, trans fatty acids and dietary cholesterol in dyslipidemia.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/dietary_fats/unsaturated_fats EAS | Dietary Fats - Unsaturated Fats - The role of unsaturated fatty acids, such as dietary cholesterol, monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), omega-6 and omega-3 in dyslipidemia.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/dietary_fats/moving EAS | Dietary Fats - Moving - Dietary management of CVD risk is a key element in CVD prevention. Hence, considering foods, rather than nutrients in isolation, is advantageous.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/dietary_fats/nutshell EAS | Dietary Fats - Nutshell - For CVD prevention, the type of dietary fat, but not the total amount of fat, predicts their effects on blood cholesterol levels.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/stanols_sterols/what EAS | Stanols Sterols - What - The sources of plant sterols and stanols, which are found in all plant-based foods.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/stanols_sterols/cardio_benefits EAS | Stanols Sterols - Cardio Benefits - Continuous intake of plant sterols and stanols is needed to maintain the LDL-cholesterol lowering effect over time.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/stanols_sterols/eas_recommendations EAS | Stanols Sterols - Eas Recommendations - Plants sterols and stanols are recommended by the EAS as a part of lifestyle intervention in the management of dyslipidemia.
  • http://www.dietattheheart.com/stanols_sterols/nutshell EAS | Stanols Sterols - Nutshell - Plant sterols and stanols have been shown to effectively lower TC and LDL-cholesterol concentrations in a dose-dependent manner.

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  • cody - This book is a book of formulas with terrible explanations on how to get to and use those ...

    This book is a book of formulas with terrible explanations on how to get to and use those formulas. It definitely left a lot to be desired.

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    I use this mask once every few months and it really makes my hair soft and silky instantly! I don't have dry/brittle hair anymore because I stopped using heat on my hair, but this mask is still a treat!

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    I recently received the free 9g sample directly from Caboki's website and have been using it now for a couple days. My total cost was about $6 for shipping. I came here first to read some reviews to see if the product really seemed to work as good in real life as it appears to on the YouTube ads. From what I gathered, reviews are pretty well mixed, people either are amazed or hate the product. Personally, I am pretty impressed and would consider buying the product when my sample runs out.