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DIY Stress Relief - Natural Remedies To Manage Stress - You can be your own stress relief therapist anywhere, anytime. One holistic therapist's favorite tips and techniques for relaxing self-massage, reflexology, breathing, aromatherapy.

  • http://www.diy-stress-relief.com/herbalstressrelief.html Herbal Stress Relief - Herbal Stress Relief - about herbal tea, growing herbs, drying herbs and other uses for you, Excellent home remedies!
  • http://www.diy-stress-relief.com/colour-and-stress-relief.html Colour And Stress Relief - Colour and stress relief, colour healing and colour energy; colour affects your moods and emotions. Use colour therapy to correct imbalances and relieve stress. Learn colour meanings and how to apply.
  • http://www.diy-stress-relief.com/anger-management-and-stress-relief.html Anger Management And Stress Relief - The real info about anger management and stress relief. Anger management tips, how to release anger, cause of anger. Don't let your temper make you sick - learn how to control your anger.
  • http://www.diy-stress-relief.com/crystal-healing-energy.html Crystal Healing Energy And Stress Relief - Crystal healing energy can be directed through your body to help ease tension, calm body and mind, chakra balancing and boost energy. Match the crystal to the complaint.
  • http://www.diy-stress-relief.com/holiday-stress-management.html Holiday Stress Management - Holiday stress management and stress relief tips include saying no, being selfish, delegating and being realistic. What else can you do to make sure that holidays are fun and fulfilling?
  • http://www.diy-stress-relief.com/hypnotherapy-and-stress-relief.html Hypnotherapy And Stress Relief - Find out about hypnotherapy and stress relief. Use self hypnosis for deep relaxation, coping with anxiety and depression or changing to positive behaviour. Take control of your life now.
  • http://www.diy-stress-relief.com/inspirational-sayings.html Inspirational Sayings | Sayings About Life | Quotes And Sayings - Inspirational sayings, thank you sayings, funny sayings, quotes and sayings, sayings about life, attitude quotes to motivate and inspire you.
  • http://www.diy-stress-relief.com/natural-home-remedies.html Natural Home Remedies | DIY Stress Relief - Natural home remedies, home cold remedies, heartburn home remedy and much more. How to treat everyday upsets from your own kitchen.
  • http://www.diy-stress-relief.com/essentialoils.html Essential Oils: Natural DIY Stress Relief - Aromatherapy essential oils are a natural way of changing your moods. Loads of information, plus my best recipes and tips on how to effectively use this diy stress-relieving therapy.
  • http://www.diy-stress-relief.com/zen-mindfulness.html Zen Mindfulness and Stress Relief - Zen Mindfulness is about paying close attention, don't believe what others say and don't cling to anything. A perfect antidote to stress.
  • http://www.diy-stress-relief.com/feng-shui-beginners.html Feng Shui Beginners Tips And Techniques - Feng Shui Beginners offers you tips and techniques, feng shui rules to destress your living space. Could be as simple as moving a bed...
  • http://www.diy-stress-relief.com/reiki-healing.html Reiki Healing - Reiki healing is a simple and effective stress relief tool. Reiki self healing can be done anywhere, is gentle and relaxing. Learn reiki hand positions, reiki symbols and more.
  • http://www.diy-stress-relief.com/positive-effects-of-laughter.html Positive Effects Of Laughter - One of the positive effects of laughter, humor and stress relief, laughter the best medicine. It is self-help for anxiety and stress. Laughter the best medicine.
  • http://www.diy-stress-relief.com/stress.html Definition Of Stress - A simple definition of stress. Understand the physical effects of stress. Learn tips and techniques on how to deal with stress.
  • http://www.diy-stress-relief.com/kinds-of-stress.html KINDS OF STRESS - 3 Different Types - Understanding the different kinds of stress - acute, episodic and chronic - will help you better manage and deal with the symptoms of stress. My simple explanation gives you all you need to know.
  • http://www.diy-stress-relief.com/symptoms-of-stress.html Symptoms Of Stress - Symptoms of stress, signs of stress, coping with stress, symptoms of chronic stress
  • http://www.diy-stress-relief.com/cognitive-therapy.html Cognitive Therapy - Cognitive Therapy or Thinking Yourself Better is a powerful self-help technique for dealing with emotional stress and negativity.
  • http://www.diy-stress-relief.com/effects-of-lack-of-sleep.html Effects Of Lack Of Sleep - Effects of lack of sleep on stress are huge. Sleep should be first on your list of stress relief remedies. Learn more...
  • http://www.diy-stress-relief.com/massage.html How To Massage - Simple, quick self massage prepares you for the day ahead and relieves symptoms of stress! My favourite techniques for the effective application of this dynamic form of touch therapy.
  • http://www.diy-stress-relief.com/relaxation-techniques.html Relaxation Techniques For Stress Relief - Simple relaxation techniques help you cope with stress and stay calm and in control. You need 20 minutes a day for breathing, visualization, muscle relaxation. Learn stress management techniques.
  • http://www.diy-stress-relief.com/aboutme.html About Me - A bit about me and my journey and how I arrived at being a holistic therapist. 15 years of treatment experience and many interactions have led me to believe that we can live more positively.
  • http://www.diy-stress-relief.com/contact-us.html CONTACT US at diy-stress-relief.com - Please Contact Us! We would love to hear your stories, comments, best stress- busting remedies, worst stress triggers....This is your place to have your say!
  • http://www.diy-stress-relief.com/stress-relief-blog.html DIY Stress Relief Blog - The DIY Stress Relief Blog lets you know as soon as there is something new to enjoy at diy-stress-relief.com. Keep up-to-date and informed.

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  • MrAmazon - Yeti's Perfect Contender. Also, the 1 & 2 star ratings explained.

    Now, I want to give a 5-star rating and dispute some of the lower ratings. "Amazon" is not selling this product. The company who IS selling it has to also pay Amazon an $11 fee. That's where that added amount comes from. Also, I would gladly pay that fee because I ordered 2 ($19.99/each) from RTIC's website three weeks ago and they haven't shipped yet because apparently they fulfill larger orders before they fill smaller orders, resulting in back orders of smaller orders. I mean, they've got 1 cup and 30 cup options. Anyhow, I have had one of these cups, as well as an identical Yeti (both 30oz) and the differences are so minuscule that it doesn't matter and makes me regret the $50 I paid for the Yeti. No metallic taste and the ice stays ice so long I can continue to refill my beverage most of the day. My wife uses hers for coffee and she will poor it before she leaves for work and doesn't drink it until the afternoon and it's still the perfect hot temperature.

  • Jody Bauer - It's OK

    Amazon had the best price and fast shipping. But the pool kit wasn't that great. We ended up buying and automatic pool cleaner called Driver Dave for are 18 x 48 Intex pool.

  • Christine April Strobel - Repels water, just like it says

    This works as advertised and was a better value through Amazon Prime than going to the hardware store. It does leave a slight white haze on some of the items I painted, but it doesn't bother me because a haze is better than water damage. I used this on an old wooden coke crate and a wicker picnic basket - the water beads up perfectly. I also used this on a metal marquee letter and there was no noticeable haze.

  • Pen Name - More bad than good, unfortunately

    Pros: Better coordination with Kinect, customization of the Sweat mode song selections and more dance styles

  • Jenna M. Wilcox - Not a good solution for me.

    I was excited to give this product a try as many of my friends had success. I only gained weight and felt very bad. After doing more research I learned that the product isn't gluten free as it is processed in a shared facility. I also learned that the amount of soy in the shake mix causes a weight gain/bloat issue for some.