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Dr. Alice V. Coghill, Midtown Primary Care & Travel Vaccinations - Midtown Primary Care is the office of Dr. Alice V. Coghill. Dr. Coghillis a primary care physician and also provides travel vaccinations. Dr. Coghill is Board Certified in Internal Medicine.

  • http://www.doctorcoghill.com/appointments.html NYC Doctor Appointments | Travel Vaccination Appointments - Make appointments with Dr. Coghill online. Dr. Coghill's office is located in New York just 1 block from Penn Station.
  • http://www.doctorcoghill.com/about_drcoghill.html About Dr. Alice Coghill - Dr. Coghill attended Stanford University Medical School and is Board Certified in Internal Medicine.
  • http://www.doctorcoghill.com/faqs.html Dr. Coghill FAQS - Dr. Coghill FAQS. Dr. Coghill is a primary care physician and also provides travel vaccinations. Dr. Coghill is Board Certified in Internal Medicine.

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  • Amanda McFarland - I love these brushes

    I love these brushes!! They are made very well and are holding up beautifully!! I love that they are all different sizes and angles. They really work beautifully with all of the paints and materials I have used them with.

  • Purple Rain - This is a super fun activity!

    This is the ultimate "Futbol Fan" sticker album collection, so you can complete your book and trade with friends. I am very proud that Futbol has become a much more popular sport right here at home in the USA, I grew up watching Futbol with my Dad and love the sport. Panini has also been so popular with their trading cards and sticker collecting albums since I was a kid and I know they are of great quality. This provided a super fun activity with my nephew and niece they are both in soccer teams and just finishing up their season. This came right on time so they can learn a little about their favorite teams players and their stats while they enjoy watching a few games going on at the Copa America Centenario right here in the US.

  • Cobra32 - What I expected!

    I received my HONDA CRV roof racks much sooner than I expected and after some frustration trying to install them without any instructions, I figured I needed to get out my tape measure and do some measuring. Well, the trick is that one side of the rack's mounting screws are four inches center to center and the opposite end our 4 1/2" c-c so if you do not check them you could strip out the threads because holes won't line-up. Once I figured that out everything went together in a snap! It would be nice if they would tell you that, it would save a lot of time and confusion.

  • Jacquie C M - 5 Brilliant Stars!

    Punk 57 is one of the best things I've read this year! Penelope Douglas is one of my go-to authors, I buy everything she publishes, and I've never been disappointed. This book is one of her best!