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Dollar Drug | Home - Dollar Drug, the original compounding pharmacy of Sonoma County, has been providing customers with exceptional service since 1984

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  • http://www.dollardrug.com/../hormone_therapy_women.html Dollar Drug | Hormone Therapy for Women - There are significant differences between hormones that are natural to humans and synthetic preparations
  • http://www.dollardrug.com/../hormone_therapy_men.html Dollar Drug | Hormone Therapy for Men - Symptoms of testosterone deficiency affect approximately 1 in 200 men and may include
  • http://www.dollardrug.com/../pain_management.html Dollar Drug | Pain Management - Pain management is essential because even when the underlying disease process is stable, uncontrolled pain prevents patients from...
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  • Rhonda Gregorian - Estrolibrium helped this frustrated female…

    I was entirely against any type HRT therapy but after a year without a full night’s sleep accompanied by hot flashes, depression… I decided to give this herbal formula a try. What can I say but – the results were showing within a few days – less sweats and restful sleep. I am grateful to have this natural alternative with Estrolibrium, but I do hope to only need to include this in my regimen for a few more months until menopausal symptoms subside. Meanwhile, I’ll be coming here for more Estrolibrium.

  • nnj925 - Just ok.... I remember reading the ...

    Just ok....I remember reading the reviews for this and someone had said that she just repeats things over and over and over..and seriously she does....I mean I have a little reading comprehension issues sometimes but this was a bit extreme....just go on google and type "body ecology diet" and you will find all the information FOR FREE....

  • Amazon Customer - Great complete daily at a great price.

    Great complete daily at a great price. I love that it is a simple way to get my vitamin needs, quick and easy. This is a staple in my supliments. Another great product, thanks EVL!

  • Arkypam - Fun for Kids

    My son and his wife recently adopted a 10-year-old with ADHD. They use a lot of calendars to keep him on track. When I saw this calendar, I knew it would be perfect for him. One of his favorite activities is popping bubble wrap. With this calendar, the child pops a bubble to reveal each day. He is going to love it! The reason I took off one star is that several of the bubbles were already popped despite it being packaged very well for shipping.

  • John Harris - Very comfortable shoes

    Probably should have ordered 1/2 size larger, but they should loosen up once broken in. I just noted several reviews that said they ran large. Seems to be good quality. Very comfortable shoes.