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  • Paul Gomez - Great charger, false advertisement

    Works pretty good, but the description mentions you can charge up to 2 9V batteries at the same time, but you can only charge one. Aside from this false advertisement everything seems OK. Great build quality.

  • Jeff Lippincott - I thought the book was well done and definitely worth the sticker price!

    I liked this book. I found it to be well written and well organized. It really is not just a book since it comes with its own "MCAT Online Companion." But the book is 1057 pages and its Table of Contents reads as follows:

  • Nancy L. Barile - family fues nintendo wii

    this is one of the families favorite games. the people who created this one, i think did a very good job. and Amazon did very good job getting it to me. it was well packaged, and the delivery was timely. i find the vast number of CD's and DVD's at Amazon make it the most desirable place to shop for this kind of item. Also we have the opportunity to buy used ones at a savings.

  • Mark E. Tobin - Better than dumpster diving

    I live near a dumpster that a nearby restaurant uses to dispose of their foodstuff, so I don't usually have much need for a cookbook. BUt then I found a microwave by the curb one early, early morning and it opened a whole new world of dielectric heating to me! The first thing I cooked was an old dented can of Spaghetti-Os and it was very sparky and pretty, but, after the small fire, I learned that you DO NOT put metal in a microwave oven (can i get an amen, Sonia?) THEN I found Sonia Allison's book, Microwave for One lying in the gutter near my dwelling and now I eat like a king. A dirt-encrusted, stinky, flea-ridden hobo king. THANK YOU SONIA ALLISON!

  • Melea McKinzie - No more estrogen dominant symptoms

    I previously had used Natural Woman when it was carried by GNC. I was very upset when they no longer carried it so I tried a couple of other brands. My hot flashes, trouble sleeping, and other symptoms returned. I've been back on Natural Woman for 3 weeks and I'm starting to sleep, hot flashes have been reduced and I'm sure as more time passes that all of the negative affects from no progesterone will be gone. I also love that there is no scent to this cream. I have tried other creams that I would put on and they would have a funny odor. Great product and I'm so happy to have found it!