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dos algarves - A revista dos Algarves tem como objectivo principal a divulgação da produção científica dos docentes e alunos da Escola Superior de Gestão, Hotelaria e Turismo (ESGHT) da Universidade do Algarve.

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City: -9.1394 , Portugal

  • Jack L. Aiello - Blue Lines is a New Classic

    This is the first CD from Massive Attack and though their subsequent efforts are just as fine, it is Blue Lines that still outshines and sets the musical standard for the '90s and beyond. Never have I heard an album mix rap, reggae, dub, pop, dance, club and R&B so homogeneously, that it practically reinvents a new sonic vocabulary. Every song is surprisingly brilliant and authentic with one misstep (I'm not very fond of "Five Man Army"). () While various vocalists are featured on all the tracks, the album maintains its sense of uniformity through the experimental and modern sheen of its sound; keyboard blips, thick vibrating bass lines, piano, violin, etc. are all funneled through a Cuisinart and the results are still truly astonishing today. Keep an open ear for Shara Nelson's haunting vocals on "Safe from Harm", "Lately" and "Unfinished Sympathy", or Horace Andy's reggae warble on "One Love". Blue Lines is highly recommendable; you'll be a Massive Attack fan before the close of the last track.

  • Shelley D. Tod - Hallmark Card Studio Deluxe 2012

    This product makes great cards for all occasions! I give this product an A+! I encourage others to purchase this item!

  • Dufus - A Good Knife

    I bought one of these for my son who went to Iraq and he liked it so I picked up one for myself. Very sharp. Good quality. My only complaint is that the tip will rattle in the sheath, so I put some cotton in the bottom and that took care of it.

  • william clark - EXCELLENT COVERAGE

    If you like baseball you should enjoy yourself.Great action from startto finish.Beautiful color and first rate sound make this a winner!

  • Winston Wolfe - Lasted about 6 months of daily use and quickly replaced by Axgio.

    Worked great for about 6 months and was replaced promptly by AXGIO customer service when it would no longer take a charge. The fastest syncing bluetooth earbud I have owned. Great size, great fitting options and the case rocks. I switch between wireless (most of the time) to wired (airplane travel with loud engine noise) on occasion and the case keeps both my wired and wireless neat in a small package.

  • harold l. greene - Fluency demands a sequel

    Very good read! Plot gives wide range for character development which is largely well done tho only 4 characters are fully developed. The ending demands a sequel and I absolutely would buy it hoping for resolution of unresolved major relationship issues. At times riveting, at times too much time spent on what the character is thinking rather than on what the character is doing. I know it's a good book for me because it ended too soon! I want more!