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  • Dakota - Fragrance is Overpowering

    It has an extremely strong fragrance. So strong, in fact, it made me sick...literally. Wow. Update Day 2: the fragrance is still so strong it would compete with any perfume I might want to wear.

  • Darrell - This seemed like a good idea for extending the flavor of an ...

    This seemed like a good idea for extending the flavor of an open bottle of wine for a few days but it didn't really work the way I thought it might. The vacuum is not very strong and the stoppers do not hold the vacuum. I've tried this device multiple times but was never able to get any better results than just using a plain Rabbit Wine stopper. 

  • Anna Abernathy - something we have tested that works out beautifully, leaving enough leg room for the passenger

    Just installed this RF for our newborn in our 2014 Ford Focus hatchback. Being a car seat tech and overall nerd, I knew from the beginning of my pregnancy that I would be buying a convertible with a high RF limit from the start. Installed using the seat belt, in the center seating position, and I can tell you that this seat does not budge at all, not even the allowed 1" at the belt path. The recline is set for a newborn, so it does take up a considerable amount of room, but because it is so narrow it fits between the center seats and we don't have to deviate from our regular, preferred recline and leg-room parameters. Once baby can sit up on his own and doesn't need such a massive recline, we will be moving the Fllo behind the passenger seat, something we have tested that works out beautifully, leaving enough leg room for the passenger, which is usually me. I am 5'9" and my husband is 6'1", for reference, and although our car is smaller, our set-up works great! We are using the infant thingy, and I feel great knowing that my son is as safe as can be in his Clek!

  • Autumnreign1967 - It is making my mascara work better!

    I have been using this oil for my eyelashes each night. My lashes feel and look healthier and it seems they are getting longer. My mascara goes on better in the mornings and make my lashes way more thicker and longer than they were when I wasn't using the oil. It is like it enhances my mascara. I have a thinner row of lashes on my upper right eyelids outer corner. I am hoping it will fill in a little better. I accidentally pulled out some lashes a while back and they just haven't grown back in as thick as they were. This oil is very thick and goes on evenly and doesn't burn or irritate my eye at all. I am very happy with is and so glad it is organic. I am just beginning to discover all the uses castor oil has. It think it is a winner.

  • John R. Krawczyk II - always a database error, & only for car dealership businesses

    I've been using Sage Act for at least 3 years now. The latest version I have is ACT Pro 2012. I upgraded from ACT 2011 when I had a database error & we decided it was easier just to get a new ACT, rather than fix the database.