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  • Billett - Works great!

    Quick and easy to use. It's been thrown around between the toolbox, trunk, and occasionally handled by the dog. Still works as good as new. The LEDs weren't extremely bright, but that may be the horrendous wiring in my house and not a fault with the gauge. Instructions right on top of the instrument are clear and very convenient. I'd recommend this for sure.

  • VikE137 - Not for a big pool

    We have a 15,000 gallons pool and we have the strongest filter system on the market...every time we would try to hook up this vacuum our filter system would automatically shut itself off...not for us...

  • Sophie Koufes - If you like sexy romance novels mixed in with mystery & suspense ...

    Hayley Adams moves back to Willow Creek to start a bakery when inherits her grandmother's house when she dies. Luke Barton is a childhood friend that that she hopes to reunite with. This clever written novel is very well developed with no plot holes. A second chance romantic suspense novel that is gripping & will keep you captivated right till the end. With character's that are intriguing & realistic. The many twists & turns will shock you & keep you guessing. If you like sexy romance novels mixed in with mystery & suspense you will love this reviting story. I voluntarly reviewed an advanced reading copy.

  • Robert - Suprisingly quiet and efficient

    I was very nicely surprised with how (comparatively) quiet this generator was working on small, enclosed patio (brick walls) and right outside the window. When initially set up, only a refrigerator was connected (very little load) and the generator used barely any gas. Need to remember to check oil every time gas tank is refilled.

  • M. Dembski - It really does work.

    It actually does work and decreases the pain until the sore has healed. Sometimes it takes the entire tube before the sore is gone but in some instances the sore has cleared up in a day after using the cream. Obviously to be most effective you need to not drink or eat for a while after applying or else you are just washing the cream away. Its expensive but for someone that frequently gets painful month cold sores, its worth it.

  • Brian J. Kinney - The design with the mesh center works great since it allows you to sit in the water ...

    We were the kings of the river in our island. The design with the mesh center works great since it allows you to sit in the water vs. most other islands where you sit on plastic.

  • Charlie - Quick books manual

    I'm sure this has a source of information if I bother to open the book. Bought it so I could get organized. I'm still waiting on me. Did glop through it and believe even a dummie could figure this out