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  • Georgia Broeder - Horrible

    I really do not know where people are getting that this series is so great. One, it's like 5000000000 books - I'm sorry but I do not have the time to invest in a series that long - who the hell does??? Does it ever end?? The characters are mediocre at best, grammatical and spelling errors throughout. I've read 5 of them until I realized there were SO MANY MORE - the first two books - were somewhat well structured and kept you going - I thought surely the story would end at book 3 - this just seems like a crap-tastic plot for this author to just keep making money off the poor suckers that want to continue this series. BOOO!! Give me a good 3-5 book series and I'll surely continue to buy them - throw out 50 mediocre books and I'm done -- not spending more money on a crap twilight-esque series.

  • Anonymous - Incongruity...can't pet my dog with this on my hands...

    I received this product free from Pinch Me in exchange for an honest review, and honestly, either my skin is super-thick or this didn't work all that well (or both). The massaging action used to apply the creamy, unscented product probably provided more relief than the product itself.

  • Raymond - Look no further!

    the headphones fit my ears so perfectly and the don't hurt my ears after long wearing. Besides that, the sound quality is sufficient for me, it's very light-weight and I really love the magnetic feature. I also really like the packaging.

  • Amazon Customer - live longer and happier through being happy with who you are and be ...

    Absolute rubbish of a product, unethical standards, public relations was non existent and abusive. I will find a way to cause this company some grief through the proper reporting channels. Don't use this company or its products. Go natural, live longer and happier through being happy with who you are and be blessed that you live and breathe. Kiss your kids, love your husband and eat healthy. Have a bit of chocolate every now and then.